The Growing Popularity of Title Song of Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani dramas have always been popular all around the globe for their uniqueness, classic appeal and association with the reality.

But recently, Pakistani dramas have brought another revolution for the Pakistani media popularity on a global platform and that is, the growing trend of heart-taking title songs of the Pakistani dramas. The title songs of Pakistani dramas have given a new dimension not just to the respective dramas but they are opening new doors for the popularity of Pakistani music and Pakistani singers and musicians everywhere. Currently, most of the popular songs on the music top charts in Pakistan are from Pakistani dramas and it is a trend which has impressive the people across the border too. Many big directors, producers and musicians in India now want to work with Pakistani singers who have sung amazingly for Pakistani dramas. Now, it’s now just the story and characters of the Pakistani dramas that are remembered but the title songs and singers too which is indeed remarkable.

Here’s a look at the top three Pakistani dramas title songs that are ruling the hearts of people and are on the top charts.

Khuda  Aur Mohabbat:
Recently, one of the top three title songs of Pakistani dramas include the title song of the drama “Khuda aur Mohabbat” sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb. The drama is based on a popular novel by a Pakistani writer Hashim Nadeem and the title song fits perfectly with the appeal and true feel of the drama. Moreover, Ahmed Jahanzeb has once again spell-bound the masses by putting his heart into the song and singing it with the depth that the drama and novel both have. Therefore, this song is surely one of the best title songs of Pakistani dramas and you are bound to fall in love with such songs of wonderful Pakistani dramas. The starting lines; “Karu sajda aik Khuda ko, parhu kalma ya mei dua du, done he aik Khuda aur Mohabbat”.

Qurat-ul-ain Baloch a.k.a. QB has surely enthralled the audience with her melodious voice that has a perfect modern twist by singing the OST of one of the top hit Pakistani dramas, Humsafar, which is currently amongst the on air Pakistani dramas. The drama is novel-based and it is a true package of entertainment and portrays the real picture of reality. Its title song has done complete justice to it by being a cherry on the top. The mesmerizing lyrics by Naseer Turabi and the magical music by ever impressive Waqar Ali make the OST of Humsafar a guaranteed hit and a classic in Pakistani dramas for times to come. Nowadays, the line “Wo Humasafar tha, magar us se humnawaee na thi” is on the lips of almost everyone in Pakistan and it depicts the sophisticated selection and rhythm of words by the lyricist too.

Dolly ke Aeygi Barat:
Once again, with the production of Dolly ke Aeygi Barat, Pakistani dramas have once again refreshed the super hit comic creativity of its television entertainment. The OST of Dolly ke Aeygi Barat, official soundtrack for Evernew Productions series “Kis Kis ke Aeygi Barat” is a big success story of Pakistan dramas. The OST is as popular and fun-loving as the drama itself. It is sung by Shazia Manzoor, who is one of the popular and most seasoned singers of Punjabi songs in Pakistan and the music are by creative genius, Shoaib Mansoor. Songs like the title song of Dolly ke Aeygi Barat portray the true culture, fun and colorful nature of our people and country through Pakistani dramas and people love them for their light-heartedness.

Therefore, stays tuned to all the wonderful and spell-binding Pakistani dramas and enjoy their exceptional soundtracks and not just the Pakistani dramas themselves alone.

Happy Viewing to all the lovely viewers of Pakistani dramas!

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