A novel campaign was arranged by beauty and personal care brand Capri at Park Towers Karachi recently where people enjoyed a host of activities including pink pampering, beauty advice and guidance from beauty experts and more, all to create a Pink impact for those in attendance. The four day long activity was in line with the pink variant of Capri Soap that has been doing the rounds with media  personality, Ayesha Omar as its Brand Ambassador. With this activity, Capri gave the phrase “Paint the Town Pink” literal meaning by creating a unique experience for everyone in attendance. Aptly named, Pretty in Pink, the campaign commenced with a unique idea of giving out invitations for the activation through a vehicle based activity by driving around Karachi in a Capri Pink Car, which ladies, especially young girls who collected these and eagerly waited to visit the Capri Pink Lounge. Continue reading…

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Following the successful launches of their previous titles “BHV Zoo – Life at Bahawalpur Zoo” by Amean J and “Mrs. Azra Syed’s Pakistan Cooking”, Markings Publishing proudly presents its third venture, “Dou Rukh” [رخ دو] by acclaimed photographers Arif Mahmood and Tapu Javeri.

Indeed “Dou Rukh” is a photographic representation of two individual perspectives using the same subject in portrait format which, all of whom were captured this 2011. Each individual portrait intricately expresses the photographers’ distinct compositions, framework, lighting, shadows and connection with the subject. This unique compilation is styled to include two front covers; “Dou Rukh” opens landscape from one side to reveal portraits by Arif Mahmood. Mid way the book pages also rendered the other way round, featuring images by Tapu Javeri in vertical format – Thus, both sides of the book are also the respective front covers. Continue reading…

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Perfumes are a fashion statement on their own. They render elegance, poise and charm to women. When it comes to young girls, perfumes or fragrances exude confidence and composure. One way for girls to be prominent and distinguishing is by wearing a fragrance that makes them stand apart from the rest of the crowd and gets noticeable amongst a multitude of whirring smells. Fragrances are a fashion statement of their own these days.

Young girls can give an array of vibes through the multitude of perfumes available in the market. All it matters is knowing what message you want to send to the people and the kind of crowd you’ll be wearing the perfume in; having figured these things out, getting the best perfume for yourself is an easy breezy task. Best fragrances speak for themselves. Whether it be chic and flirtatious, or the head-to-toe rich girl couture, or feminine and invigorating, or fresh and playful, or young and stylish, or independent and lively, or feminine and warm, or glamorous and sexy, or the funky city girl with a kooky fashion style or sweet and creamy; all of these can be rightfully said through the best fragrance available to you. Continue reading…

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[Lahore: 26 September 2011] The Pakistan Fashion Design Council and Sunsilk are pleased to announce the next PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, S/S 2012, scheduled to take place in the metropolitan city of Karachi this October. Following three nationally and internationally acclaimed weeks of fashion, the executive committee of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week reveal October 20th – 23rd 2011 as their 4 days of fashion, where over 24 designers are expected to showcase their spring/summer 2012 prêt a porter collections.

Indeed as has come to be expected and renowned of the PFDC Sunsilk platform, fashion week this October will be highlighting leading industry labels and designers as well as introducing some of Pakistan’s most exciting new design talents, through debut shows at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. The team also announces the continuity of the afternoon textile shows this October first initiated in Mar/April 2011 in Lahore, where the PFDC Sunsilk team extend their platform to leading Pakistani textile companies to now showcase their winter collections. Continue reading…

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Always keeping a good style & beauty enhance the personality no matter what age you are. Ups & Downs are the part of life, the main thing is this that you are special and you shouldn’t ignore yourself. Own the eye catching beauty & style in every stage of age. A few simple & easy tricks can make you look cute & younger no matter what age you are.

Beauty Care:

Always maintain a good hygiene. Bad hygiene, bad body odor greasy skin etc cant make you stylish and cute. Always take special care of your skin of all body no matter what your age. Continue reading…

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Wedding trends have changed overtime. They are no more the traditional weddings where the girl and boy had no interaction before marriage and therefore, every arrangement was done by the family. The latest wedding trend depicts that the couples follow DIY (do it yourself) wedding tradition. They can customize their weddings by saving money and enjoying it completely.

The latest summer weddings trends tells us that the wedding dresses should be vintage and retro-inspired with a new bend. We will get to see the beautiful textured clothes made with cap sleeves. People prefer natural but air conditioned settings in the summer weddings where they can enjoy wearing makeup and exquisite accessories. Wedding is all about photo booths customized with actual and set areas along with draped-cloth backdrop. This is extremely important when talking about wedding trends because couples need to cherish memories later on by making sure that every moment is captured best on their wedding day. Continue reading…

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The Noodle Ouse LaunchThe noodle house is the flagship restaurant of Jumeirah Restaurants LLC. Launched in 2002, the  brand has gone from strength to strength with 15 restaurants in the U.A.E, Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Cyprus, Australia and Qatar and expanding globally with agreements already signed with franchise partners across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. As well as the noodle house, Jumeirah Restaurants LLC also owns a number of other restaurants, including Sana Bonta, Bytes, AllFreshCo, Rice & Spice, and The Flaming Revolution with the aim to sign a total of 150 restaurants by 2012. Continue reading…

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