Eid Celebrations Wishes from FashioncentralIt seems that Ramadan 2011 has passed within the blink of an eye and Eid-ul-Fitr is already here. Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the most awaited occasions in the Islamic calendar for Muslims and it brings a lot of joy, happiness and togetherness with itself. This year too, the preparations of Eid-ul-Fitr are on peak and Fashion Central brings something warm and considerable for its readers on this Eid-ul-Fitr.

Life is becoming extremely hectic and tough and it gets really challenging to stay close and connected to the family members all the time. But Eid-ul-Fitr is one great occasion that brings together all the family members to rejoice the Eid festivities. Continue reading…

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Chand Raat CelebrationsAfter a month of fasting everyone is keenly waiting for the celebration of the revival of spirituality. Every one of us has special plans for Eid celebrations.  After spending the entire month dedicated to the religious activities Eid brings us many reasons to celebrate our success of the month of fasting. Kids have the pleasant feeling of receiving eidi from their elders.

Girls have a reason to dress up and celebrate Eid with the traditional and cultural customary bangles and traditional dresses.

Ladies have more reasons to celebrate, day before Eid when the Eid chand is spotted the girls have special plans to get their hands dyed with the beautiful patterns and colours of heena. Heena and bangles are the kit for the special event of Eid. Chand raat celebrations are a must before Eid. Each girl has a plan for chand raat, all the ladies of the family gather up for the activity of heena and for buying bangles. Continue reading…

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Mehndi Designs for This EidApart from the dresses, and bangles etc. another very traditional and enjoyable ritual of Eid is Mehndi. The Mehndi ritual is equally famous among woman and young girls on occasions like wedding and Eids.

The exciting activities of Ramazan involve preps for Eid-ul-fitar. Malls and markets are crowded with the shoppers who hunt for the trendy, fancy clothes and accessories. Apart from the dresses, and bangles etc, another very traditional and enjoyable ritual of Eid is Mehndi. The Mehndi ritual is equally famous among woman and young girls on occasions like wedding and Eids. Continue reading…

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Importance of RamadanThe importance of Ramadan and fasting hold a spiritual place in the life of every Muslim. Ramadan is the month during which all Muslims focus on the good deeds, positive attitude, helping and sharing to gain the utmost Blessings of Allah.

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar which is considered as the religious festival for the Islamic community. The arrival of Ramadan is widely celebrated all over the world. The importance of Ramadan in a life of Muslim is unexplainable, as it is considered that fasting in Ramadan will not only detoxify body from illnesses, but also detoxify soul from all the negativities. The pious month of Ramadan includes fasting which is the third pillar of all the five pillars of Islam. The enthusiasm for prayers, doing good deeds and the feasts on Sehri and Iftari make the month of Ramadan as a festive and joyous celebration. Continue reading…

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Handbags are a must when you go out. Formal, informal or just a casual meeting; a handbag is a must accessory. The kind of bag you carry depicts your taste in style and personality. Bags fashion changes like the fashion trends of other accessories change. Latest Pakistani bags fashion for the Eid has an impression from the international fashion world. The styles and trends that are being followed all around the globe are now coming to Pakistan as well.

Large bags with short handles are gaining popularity in Pakistani bag trends. Different styles and colors in large totes are becoming more and more popular as being both stylish and convenient. You can carry them to an informal gathering or just for a casual outgoing. Continue reading…

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On 27th July, ‘Sadia Designer Collection’ by Atif Yahya Launched their label in Karachi with Ayesha Umer and Anoshay Ashraf as brand Ambassador. This exhibition took place at Imperial Clifton for 2 days and was attended by Mishi Khan, Angie Marshell, MunnaMushtaq, Sarwat Gillani, Kokab Ansari, Shaheen Saeed, & Nazneen Tariq along with other socialites and families from all walks of life.

Entire exhibition was tastefully decorated with mannequins’ wearing the same attire as printed on Ayesha Omer & Anoushey Ashraf’s 15 design posters inside exhibition area.  Availability of spacious hall & ambience on corner made visitors amazed .Helpers from textile colleges guiding visitors properly about clothes and philosophy behind design.
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Women often confuse themselves while choosing the best fragrance if they become very choosy about it. Some women prefer fruity fragrances while others go for flowery and subtle scents. Fragrances of women today have become a worldwide business due to its inclusion in the women’s cosmetics.

Perfumes leave a seductive effect on the people around and it also helps stimulating women’s pheromones which gives them pleasure. A recent survey has discovered that more than eighty percent women shop for perfume twice a year which clearly shows the rising business of perfumes. Some fragrances are expensive others can be bought at discount rates if perfumes are bought in bulk. Some kind of perfumes can be bought from any departmental store.

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