Bangles are the most wanted accessory of a lady, weather she belongs to any corner of world or any age group. The bangles just give a beautiful look to the girl’s wrist..! Lets explore this very beautiful and always in trend bangles. Have this informative note on the bangles.

The word bangles are derived from the word “bugri” which means the glass in Hindu language. The usage and invention of bangles begins with the Hindu history. The bangles are worn by world each and every women but by the Asian specially. The bangles are consisting of circular round shape basically but with the passage of time bangles changed their shapes to rectangular, ovel and square but the fame of churi or bangle is of the same basic shape of circle. The bangles were firstly made by the glass but as the materials were discovered since then bangles are made in many materials like silver, gold, platinum and wood. The gold bangles are considered to be the most expensive ones…!

The bangles are not the just a simple accessory the bangles have many traditions attached to it. Like in Hindu religion a newly married bride wears bangles on her wrist and even the arms…Her honeymoon is considered to be finished as soon as the last bangle out of many bangles worn at wedding day is broken.

In the same way in Pakistan. The married women are stressed to wear bangles in pairs on both hands since it shows that they cherish their married life and the company of her husband. When women or girl wear bangles it just produces a jingling sound which can take one’s heart away. At earlier days the bangles design wear very simple like it was made of plain glass and just having few basic colours but along with the advancement of the fashion industry of world, the bangles designs also changed like now bangles are available with pearls ,gems and even hand embroidery over it….!

The best bangles design is the speciality of few people who devoted their lives for bangles. If you are a bangle lover and want to increase your collection with good quality then Hyderabad is the place in Pakistan which will give you the best bangles design ever. If we see world wide then ferozabad situated in north India is also famous in producing the traditional best bangles. So what are you waiting for…Have the charisma of bangles once with full in your life.


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