The popular culture of dating has always been around in our society hidden behind the veil of ‘romantic escapades’. From the ever popular love folk tale of Heer-Ranjha to our modern day youth, dating has been a break from the strict eyes of the religious and conservative aspects of our culture. Dating is becoming increasingly more defiant and bold with the media hype and glamour of it.Love at first sight is all about attractive people falling in love with each other. The popular culture of boys writing down their phone numbers and throwing them in prospective girls’ cars is much to the detriment of the poor parents who strive to keep their children away from such ‘nonsense’ till they possibly can. From the first interaction in a romantic manner with the opposite gender, there is a feeling of high achieved that is addictive and hence controls the further meetings and the subsequent intensity of the relationship.

Relationships in terms of dating can be best described as a camping experience on a beautiful hill. It starts out great when there is a mutual feeling of admiration and attraction for each other. Then gradually as the stay on the hill prolongs (the time the couple spends together) the reality starts to set in and the dreamy world they were seeing begins to fade away. The mosquitoes biting, the sharing of the responsibilities of setting up the fire and cooking are perfect analogies to describe how a relationship is faced with difficulties when a couple stays together for a long period.

Girls often tend to complain that the boys lose interest after a while, that the long hours of talking over the phone have reduced and the boy they are dating seems busier with his friends. Boys counter that they need their space. They are now in the safety zone of their relationship, where they don’t have to be over nice to their girl in order to keep her and that she should understand she is important enough, there is no need to be clingy. Such a clash in thinking often acts heavily on relationships bringing both the individuals to rethink where they stand in each other’s eyes. Compromising and letting go of minor issues is the best key to relationships whether it involves dating or marriage.

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