Rose Water… An Essential Herb for Beauty and Skin Care!

To beautify and rejuvenate your inner beauty and for skin care use Rose water as an essential thing. Rose water is very essential non toxic natural ingredient used by women from many decades.

In this contemporary period of time, people become too far to use natural ingredients in their daily lives. Now they prefer to use readymade ingredients for not only in their daily lives but for their health and beauty also. We can see the use of these unnatural and readymade items in almost every home. These artificial and readymade items and ingredients never have long lasting positive effects on human health and beauty as well. They are for shorter period of time and considered as a short term plans and things to entrance the beauty and for the maintenance of health. Gradually the worse effects and bad results appear on our health and beauty. That is why the modern science starts research on the unlimited health effects of natural ingredients an herb and shrubs.These natural ingredients and herbs and shrubs hold the unlimited benefits towards our health and beauty. If we look at the past or older time, we came to noticed that our grandmothers and auntie’s were used to use natural things to rejuvenate their beauty, charm and for their skin care. They were benefited by these natural things to maintain their beauty and youth and that is the reason that they look young, gorgeous and beautiful in their old age too. But with the advent of modern technologies women of this era become so lazy and fragile to use those natural things used by our older ladies. Among these natural ingredients, today we are going to talk about “Rose water”.

Rose water is very essential and non toxic natural ingredients for skincare and beauty. When you go outside from your home, the ultra violet sunrays burn your skin. To protect your skin from sun burn you can apply rose water on your face instead of expensive sun blocks and other sun burn products. Daily usage of rose water on your face and neck brings freshness and also enhance your facial beauty. It will also decrease the skin damage and will help to eliminate pimples andante. You can also apply rose water before make up for long lasting make up effects.

Rose water is also very beneficial before the people who have dark tone and dark complexion. it is also considered as an element of fair complexion. Take 10gm rose water, 10gm glycerin and 1 tsp lemon juice, mix them well and apply on your face and neck before going to bed and wash out after 15 minutes. After some days, you will see big difference in your complexion.
Rose water is also good for dry and patchy lips.mix one tsp of olive oil in rose water and applies on dry lips.  By using this, your lips will become soft, radiant and pinkish. You can also use rose water and paraffin liquid (same quantity of both) for dry and rough hand and foot.

Excessive use of nail polish damaged our natural shine of our nails, to encounter this, we can use rose water.

Rose water is also very useful and beneficial for eye shining and for itchy teeth also. If you have tooth pain, mix clove powder in rose water and applies this mixture on your teeth. It will heel your tooth pain within minutes.

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