I have long been fascinated by the amazing numbers of perfumes and colognes and have always liked learning about them.

Perfumes reinstate a new fragrance in our boring life. Fragrance can be stored in long term memory that is why perfumes can trigger memorable events. Sometimes they act as a catalyst to refresh our minds but sometime its smell also irritates others around us. We have to be conscious in selection of a perfume. A good perfume becomes a source of happiness and soothing for us. Perfumes are like fragrant solutions to our senses.

It refreshes the whole place and makes others feel fresh too. If you are a regular user of perfumes, it gives a good feeling about you and enhances your image.

While buying a perfume always check it, but checking too many fragrances may confuse you very easily so it’s better to buy one among the five that you’ve tested at a perfume counter. At most perfume shops, people spray the fragrance into the cap of the bottle. Never smell it promptly, let the fragrance settle down and smell it after a short lapse of time. You’ll feel the exact fragrance. You can also use the paper pieces to try different fragrances.

Those who have sensitive skin must be more careful in selection of a perfume. Just spray a bit on your wrist or behind your ear. Leave it for sometime and then try to feel its fragrance. I say again, do NOT check six perfumes at a time. You will not understand and mix up all the perfumes. To check a good perfume, smell your wrist from some distance. If you still feel its fragrance, it means it’s a good one. Its persona of a good perfume, that they last longer and have a nice ‘after smell’.

Use light perfumes at daytime, especially perfumes with a floral scents. They have good effect. Spicy and pungent perfumes seem good in the evening. If you use a perfume properly, the smell will last longer. Always spray the perfume on neck, elbows, behind the ears and on your clothes from some distance. Avoid using it on the underarms, as sometimes it creates rashes. Use stick deodorants there instead, they are strong in fighting body odour and last a long time. Don’t put a perfume in sunlight because it reduces its effect. I’ve seen a lot of people in the habit of mixing different perfumes in one go. It sometimes makes a combination but many times it becomes an amalgam of odours.

Remember, a perfume is not just a nice smell. Like a beautiful song pleases the ears, a good perfume does the same for the sense of smell. A lot of people claim to have the best ever perfume range on the earth. They might be right but a sensible use of a fragrance is blending it according to the weather, time, occasion, environment and quantity. This can create that difference that can make or even break the user’s image so be both cautious and conscious while buying and using perfumes.


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