The charm of Wedding season

As hot days of summer say goodbye, happiness and festivity takes its place in the form ‘Shaadi ka Laddo’ that keeps waiting to be eaten up by young jovial couples, mesmerized with the feelings of a new beginning, a new journey that is tough yet enchanting, mature yet romantic.

Yes, I am talking about the wedding season that makes its way to the beautiful land of Pakistan after Eid-ul-Fitr, when wedding shopping is seen on its peak. Dholki, mehndi, doli, choriyan, dazzling bridal colors,  these are the charms of Pakistani wedding that sparkle in the streets from October to March.

Dolled up to traditional perfection, the bride leaves her parents home leaving behind a million unforgettable memories, from her childhood to engagement to the day when she becomes ready to sign her Nikah.

Pakistani wedding is not just about the wedding meal and Rukhsati but it is the unforgettable sound of dholki and shaadi geets, the subtle fragrance of marigolds and happy hennaed hand, the jovial laughters of bride’s friends that makes it truly an inerasable moment.

These little ceremonies of wedding day take us back to our culture and tradition and make us reconnect with our forefathers; they sprinkle the fragrance of our folklore and land to remind us that no matter how far we may go away from our roots, we will always return back to it through these little traditional treats that Wedding season brings us.

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