Last Ten Days of Ramadan

Last ten days of Ramadan has started that is a special gift of Allah to His believers to seek salvation from the Hellfire.

Though every day of Ramadan is full of spiritual purification and special blessings but last ten days of Ramadan have their own special place. Laylat-ul-Qadr (night better than thousand months), is a night when Quran was revealed, also fall in the last ten days of Ramadan that increases its importance manifolds. Allah bestows his special blessings in last ten days of Ramadan that is why many Muslims spend their whole nights in prayer. Last ten days of Ramadan is a time of special blessings when every Muslim tries to come closer to his Creator through Ibadat, devotion and good deeds.

Our Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) used to spend the whole nights of last ashra in prayers, this thing can enlighten us the importance of last ten days of Ramadan.

Hazrat Ayesha related to us that, “the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon Him) strove harder and took great pains to observe prayer etc., during last ten days of Ramadan than during the other days.” (Muslim)

Last ten days of Ramadan are very special for soul searching, so one should give more donations in these days and forgive others. We should read more Quran and pray that Allah accepts our supplications.

Last ten days of Ramadan are known for I’teqaf because it was the practice of our beloved prophet to sit I’teqaf in Masjid on last ten days of Ramadan. I’teqaf means spiritual retreat, which is total devotion to Allah by spending your nights and days in ritual prayer and supplication.

It is the end of Ramadan when Muslims converge for prayers from night up to dawn for Allah’s mercies and forgiveness. Be humble and sincere when praying and also remember your Muslim brothers and sisters who don’t have food to eat and a cover to keep them warm. Ask Allah for his special blessings the people of Pakistan especially those who are in tribulation after the worst flood in the recent history of Pakistan.

It is time to make a resolution for the next year to continue prayer and get your hands on special blessings of your Creator.

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