The Blessings of Last Ashra of Ramadan

Ashra is an Arabic word means “ten”. In Islamic terminology, the third Ashra, the last Ashra of Ramadan refers to the last set of 10 days (21-30) and is to seek refuge in ALLAH from the hell.

Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, worship and mercy for all the believers. The month of Ramadan is indeed superior to all months of the year because ALLAH Almighty commenced His revelation of the Holy QURAN. It is the month of generosity and fine treatment towards the needy. It is the month of re-invigorating our relationship with ALLAH and purifying our hearts, also the month of increasing our knowledge of QURAN, Sunnah and Fiqah, and also the month of engaging in the da’wa to implement the QURAN and the Sunna in the world. It is the time of special spiritual power as everyone tries to come closer to ALLAH ALMIGHTY through devotions and good deeds.

Ramadan enjoys an intrinsic superiority over all the other months of the year, likewise, its last ashra or ten days are superior to the two earlier ashras.

Ramadan is divided into three parts and the last part “last ashra” is freedom from the Hell. This is the most important time to worship ALLAH, ask for His mercy and seek his forgiveness towards ourselves.

The HOLY PROPHET (S.A.W.W) has said: ‘it (Ramadan) is the month, whose beginning is Mercy, its middle is Forgiveness & its end is Emancipation from the fire’- Bihar.alanwar, Volume: 93, Page No. 342.

The Lailat-ul-qadar or the night of power and Itekaf falls in the last ashra of Ramadan. That’s why, the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) devoted himself more intensively to prayers & other forms of worship during the last Ashra of Ramadan & urged others also to do the same.

It is related by Ayesha (RA) that “when the last ten days of Ramadhan began the Apostle of Allah (peace & blessings upon him) would gird up the loins and keep awake in the nights (i.e., he used to spend the whole of the nights in prayer and worship), and, also, wakened the members of his family (so that they, too, could partake of the blessings of the nights of that month).” [Bukhari].

As mentioned earlier, The last ashra of Ramadan accompany with Lailat-ul-qadar & Itekaf, so this Ashra should be spent in prayers in search of Lailat-ul-qadar with good deeds and reflection and reading of Holy Quran.

Her are some guidelines on “How to spend last Ashra of Ramnadan”

  • Recite the Holy Quran  as much as you can
  • Sit in Itekaf (seclusion in a room or Masjid in last Ashra of ramdan)
  • Search Lailat-ul-qadar in last Ashra on odd number of nights i.e. 21st, 23rd,25th,27th & 29th.


The End of Ramadan Means Tears for Allah. The end of Ramadan is not just a time of extreme worship, but it is a time to weep in front of Allah. Anyone can cry when the thought of the hellfire is visoned. Just imagine how horrible it would be to be dipped in the hellfire for one moment. As the tears come down, wipe the tears on every part of the body. The parts of the body that the Muslim wiped tears on, shall never touch the fire of hell.

  • Performing Taraveeh Salat

In short, the end of Ramadan is a time to be thankful, hopeful, and humble; a time to love ALLAH & PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W). it is a time to remember the poor and the needy, it is a time to be joyous at the sighting of Lailat-ul-qadar. As the month of Ramadan is going to end and the festivities of Eid-ul-Fitr will begin soon, always pray that ALLAH brings a successful Ramadan and a happy forth coming year. Ameen!

Also, keep remembering the flood victims and the needy ones in your prayers & zakat.

Have a happy & spiritual Last Ashra of Ramadan..!!!! (From Fashion Central to all its readers)

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