How Pakistani fashion is known through out the world.

Fashion industry in Pakistan has now become on of the most prominent industries of the world. This season the designers have come up with some amazing pieces. Even the ladies now have a fair idea of where to get which cloth and how to get it nicely stitched. A nice tailor is a blessing and if he makes the right cuts then BRAVO. You come up with one of the self-designed outfits that can beat the designer outfits as well. Fashion has now become a necessity. This doesn’t mean we need to be slaves to the trends we can simply be ourselves and look absolutely elegant. Fashion has strong ties with creativity and creativity is strongly based on individuality. Continue reading…

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Ramadan seems to leave its spiritual impact on every Muslim and Eid is a time when one fully enjoys the blessings of Allah and celebrates festivity to the fullest. Preparations of Eid, involves lot of cooking, shopping and celebrations at homes and outside.

Eid-ul-Fiter is coming closer and shopping is gaining momentum as you find men, women and children rushing to market to buy clothes, jewellery, makeup, shoes and so much more. Preparations of Eid, involves a lot of excitement and festivity for the Muslims of all ages. It is a time, when every Muslim gets an opportunity to relax, dress and eat as much as possible. Continue reading…

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The Silent Weave

Nida Azwer presents her limited edition collection at a 1 day exhibition, “The Silent Weave” bringing to her design palette, one of the oldest weaves known to the artistic textile world, Jamdani. Originated from the Bengali tradition, Jamdani is a woven fabric in cotton, traditionally woven in and around Dhaka and created on the loom brocade. Indeed with “The Silent Weave” collection, Nida strives to contribute to efforts to renew the 2000 year old craft, with its focus on the age old geometric and floral motifs, which reached its zenith in the Mughal era amongst the Nawabs and nobility. Indeed the designer has come to be recognized for her love of more classic and vintage design elements, which have been consistent inspirations in the collections she has showcased at her debut solo show and across various fashion weeks. Continue reading…

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The Seher and Iftar are the most important parts of Ramadan. Seher refers to the time when fasting begins and Iftar is the time to break the fasting. In this sequence, Iftar considered to be the most substantial meal you have for all day long. So, a healthy and full of nutritious Iftar is must, as it will provide your body the necessary calories.

As the Holy month of Ramadan has been approaching with full joy and holiness. It’s also comes up with so many things to do. In this Holy month, the responsibilities and duties of women become so much hectic. They not only have to look for her home and children but also have to take care of their health and fitness. To maintain their family’s health and fitness, all you need is a full nutritious Ramadan diet (especially Iftar) which nourishes and refresh your whole family.

The Seher and Iftar are the most important parts of Ramadan. Seher refers to the time when fasting begins and Iftar is the time to break the fasting. The whole day fasting tone down the energy level so the Iftar menu should be full of nutritious values. Continue reading…

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Ramadan is the best time to shop for boys as there is a wide variety of casual trendy clothes and footwear available in the market.

Unlike girls, boys are not fond of shopping around all the time. But when it comes to shopping in Ramadan for Eid, boys are even more efficient than girls. Boys do shop a lot in Ramadan. And let me tell you guys Ramadan is superb for shopping. You will find a wide variety of trendy and casual clothes, shoes, perfumes and especially shalwar kameez. The best time for shopping in Ramadan for boys is just after Ifar because it has two advantages. Firstly, the markets are not crowded that much and secondly it’s good to have a little walk after eating much in Iftar. There is one more advantage of shopping in Ramadan for boys that almost everything is on sale in this month. So boys go out to the market and make the most of it. Continue reading…

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All those Shopaholic ladies out there get ready for another shopping bang for Crystal’lia is launching its stunning Eid Collection of prêt, couture and loose fabrics with 10% Discount on MM Alam Road opposite Bata City.

Created by J&S Entertainment, the event is especially held for Eid Festival with a blasting limited time offer of ‘Free Swarovski Crystal Tattoos & Henna‘. The Exhibition will start on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 12:00pm till Sunday, August 29, 2010, 9:00pm.

Crystal’lia is the only brand in Pakistan that acquires the best crystals in the world from Czechoslovakia and the renowned Swarovski crystals to encrust them locally using imported machinery that infuses different size and shapes of crystals on to fabric that may be used in traditional or new age couture.

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Pakistan has been struck by the worst flooding in its recorded history. Millions of people have been impacted, critical infrastructure has been damaged and clean water is in short supply. The entire world is gathering on one platform of humanity to help the victims of the terrible natural disaster.

In UN General Assembly special meeting session, 73 member countries have assured collectively US $816 million aid for flood relief operation in Pakistan.

Moreover, the Netherlands’ public and private broadcasters are teaming up on August 26, 2010 for a nationwide fund collecting day. All radio and TV stations will call on listeners to donate money through the national Giro Bank account, 555. Continue reading…

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