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Flip-flops are a very common type of footwear. They are basically, a thin rubber sole with a two straps running in Y shape from the sides of the foot to join between the big toe and the adjacent toe. The footwear is colourful, meant for daily wear and also a part of formal occasions.

Popular flip-flops are not only limited to casual wear but they are something which can be worn in summers at homes, as a beach or outdoor wear. They are famous all over the world but are most famously called as Hawaii chappal in India and Pakistan.

These chappals are the cheapest footwear available in Pakistan and their price ranges from Rupees 100 and above. Their low cost make them widely used in these countries as common footwear instead of a fashion slippers. Street vendors will repair these flip flops for a small fee. Continue reading…

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Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; Love leaves a memory no one can steal. Blessed be their souls who have died in Islamabad Plane crash.

Fashion central feels extremely sorry for the loss of lives in Islamabad Plane crash for it is undoubtedly one of the biggest losses for the country that can never be recovered.

The tragedy stuck the Airblue flight ED-202 just 20 minutes before landing at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad. The plane was trying to land during cloudy and rainy weather when it lost the contact with control tower. Interior Minister Rehman Malik told reporters, “The plane was at 2,600 feet before landing but suddenly it went to 3,000 feet, which was unexplainable”. Continue reading…

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Ever since time immemorial dupatta has been used to cover the head, shoulder, back, breast and in some cases face also. It has come a long way starting from simple veil to a fashionable scarf. This accessory has added a perfect finishing touch to Pakistani dresses and western styles.

Dupatta, in Urdu called Orhani refers to covering. It is a veil which, is responsible for covering your body parts and represent a decent presentation of your persona in society.

This accessory is simply a length of cloth-printed, embroidery or plain measuring two and a half to three down the back or wrapped around the shoulder. Popularly known as dupatta, subcontinent women love to wear it by placing the middle portion of the accessory on the chest and the ends thrown over each shoulder.

Variations in dupatta styles are attempted only with shalwar kameez. If you are going on a wedding or attending a formal occasion, this fashion accessory can be worn with gharara, ghagra choli and sari by tucking hold at the waistband of the gharara. The end is taken over the breast to flow down the shoulder or taken over the head to rest across the other shoulder. Continue reading…

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A beautiful balcony created with tastes of your soul can replace any 5 star candle light dinner or luxury resort. It can become a store house of sweetest memories where every season comes with a different charm, every night makes you closer to your beloved and every morning starts with a new spirit.

Have you ever wondered the pleasure of refreshing breath of air touching your face after you come home after a tiring day, the cold morning breeze soothing your soul while you lay smoothly on your couch or a romantic candle light dinner with your beloved in the privacy of your home? But it needs a little effort and aesthetic art to recreate your balcony according to your tastes and moods. Continue reading…

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Started by Sonia Ahmed in 2002 in her University, the Miss Pakistan World pageant has now crowned 7 national winners and 14 international beauty queens for Pakistan. “What started off as an event gave birth to an industry for Pakistan,” says Ahmed.

An industry that never existed for Pakistan now has applicants coming from Europe, USA, Canada and some parts of Asia. This is the only pageant in the world for Pakistan, and follows authentic rules and regulations, as well as runs on international pageant standards. The contestants fly down from all around the world to Toronto, Canada and the pageant is a full 10 day pageant, where it includes, photo shoots, sponsor venue shoots, interview sessions, media pre-interviews, sightseeing, dinners at the finest restaurants and non-stop rehearsals. Canada has been the host country for the past eight years, even though the pageant began in the capital of Canada – Ottawa. Continue reading…

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The Awards Office of the LUX Style Awards announced the nominations for the fifteen Entertainment categories and 9 Fashion Categories of the LUX Style Awards in Karachi today. The TV, Music and Fashion Juries had met earlier on to debate and vote on their respective categories.

The Awards announced reflect the state of the three entertainment industries. Television was the most evolved and vibrant category; the music industry hardly had any of the big releases and cinema was virtually non existent. Fashion continued to grow and was by far the most vibrant jury session of all. In order to encourage the local industry the Film Jury named the one film that could be a contender, Syed Noor’s Nach Kay Yaar Manana where Shaan and Saima were the leading roles. Continue reading…

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This summer has brought elegant and stylish fusion of bright and soft colors in your wardrobe. Big and traditional motifs are the focal point of fashion trends 2010. Whether, it is printed fabric or the embellished work, well-defined embroidered motifs have been used frequently to give a more precise look to the dress.

Floral styles are back as fashion trends 2010. Loose and flowing shirts are on the top most priority for this summer. The trendiest are the long shirts with flowing drapes having big flair, which not only adds beauty to your personality, but also make you modish with comfort.

The diverse fabric simulation with the fullness of threads and needlework adds attraction and grace to the outfit. The intelligent blend of soft-pastels with fancy warm shades has given the new dimension to the fashion trends of 2010.

The Greek and Egyptian patterns are in this summer. The fashion trends 2010 offers a variety of Maxi and poncho-style shirts with theme of traditional motifs along with ornamentation of sequins and beads. Continue reading…

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Usb promise you another night to .F R E E Z E Y O U R S E N S E S A W A Y.

-A pool summer party
-Dj set
-Summer breeze

So get your suit and hat and shades on, It’s a splaaash.

With the vivid dancing of lights, representing you the hottest real magic tunes. From Europe’s one of most essential techno, minimal, house producers. To ride high on this new wave of club culture.

Where “a trip to beautiful melodies” are ahead to fascinate your hearts. For it’s time to douse the light.

As the music speaks loud to the people to throw their bodies in. Continue reading…

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We always talk about relationships that play an important role in making our life special.

A relationship that we always take negative is a relationship of a ‘Bahu’ (daughter in law) with her ‘Saas’ (mother in law). Whenever we heard a word ‘Saas”; a woman having aggression on her face comes in our mind who always try to ruin life of a girl.

Many conflicts nowadays in married life are due to small misunderstanding between Saas and Bahu.
This is a crucial relationship for every girl who is starting her new married life and she needs to handle it with caution. Problem starts when both ‘Saas’ and ‘Bahu’ want to have power over the poor guy who became a bone of contention between them. Continue reading…

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Everyone in this world have strong urge to be beautiful. Its because beautiful people always catches eye glimpse everywhere . If you are beautiful ,you can be the center of attraction ,the Core of attention. When we  talk of beauty , It do not have only concern with physical appearance or Facial features. Beauty is something beyond it .It is all about a complete package of a person which includes his personality and thoughts also. In order to be beautiful , you have to  find your inner uniqueness . Yes ,there are billions of people in the world but something makes them  different form each other. To be beautiful you have to find what you own which others don’t…! Respect ,like and Admire yourself . this is really the first step to beauty…Whatever you wear ,no matter how expensive and stunning make up you put on …whatsoever hit hair style you have adopted …at end of the day ,your gate ,your personality and your expression Counts…Make up and a good wardrobe can give you the city style look but which attracts people to you ??? what makes them see at you? is none other then your own “Personnel Charisma“. Continue reading…

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