Happy Mother’s Day

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”

Some words give you the feeling of relaxation and pleasure, the word ‘Mother’ is one those; we can feel the pleasure only when we pronounce this word.

Giving birth and then bringing-up the child is considered as the most cherished and responsible task of the world.

The personality who is given this attractive task is respected as ‘Mother’. God has made the mother through the beautiful parameters of love, care, sincerity, etc and make them a must part of her personality. Mother’s love is unconditional. By considering and admiring the importance of Mother, every year, on the second Sunday of May, ‘Mother’s Day’ is celebrated, all over the world.

According to Britannica Encyclopædia, the concept to celebrate this day was emerged from the custom of mother worship in  ancient Greece. However, the Proclamation to celcebrate ‘Mother’s Day’ was came into view in the United States; by ‘Julia Ward Howe’, probably in 1870. Furthermore the ‘Second Sunday of May’ was finally created by the Mother’s Day International Association, in 1912. So the first Mother’s day was celebrated on May 8th 1914, in US. Now, almost every country in the world celebrate ‘Mothers Day’ in its own way. Although, the day is more popular in westren and east American countries, as compared to Asian countries.

No doubt, we all respect & love our mothers throughout the year but most of us don’t even think to express our love for them. So this day gives us platform to realize and to express our love and to show their place in our hearts. There are number of ways to give our sentiments an expression. We can celebrate this day through several means, like to give cards, flowers, sweets, gifts of their own choice, to arrange parties, dinners for them etc. Besides all these typical yet must celebrations, we can surpirze our mothers in some unique way.

Well, you know your mother better then any body else in this whole world, her likes, and all the stuff from her favorite list. You can create something unexpected for her. In this regard, if you’ll show some of your success to her, she’ll be more happy then receiving some gift for her. Similarly, to change some of your habit, which she always wanted to correct but failed, can be another gift for her. You can also talk about your relationship status with your mother on this special day; as communication gap can be the hurdle in any relationship development. Try to make such small yet wonderful differences, along with sweet gifts & celebrations for her.

So, ‘Think Big’ this year to do somethisg extraordinarly for her, and make your mother as happy as you want her to be.

“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.”

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