Fashion Pakistan Week 2010
Gear up for an Exhilarating Ride!
By Erum Adnan

The hottest show in town is soon to unleash the raging fashion frenzy. The glitterati, socialites and the high and mighty of the fraternity, who have ruled the ramp since time immemorial, will gather once again to behold the truly talented veterans and the next gen. Yes, brace yourself for the glorious and magnificent Fashion Pakistan Week 2010!

The roaring success of the previous Fashion Week brought many designers under the fold of Fashion Pakistan, the fashion design forum, making the upcoming show a mammoth presentation of high style and extreme talent. Let’s hear it from those who will ignite the runway with their dazzling collections.

Sanam Agha
“Aiming at emancipation, my collection is all about breaking the barriers of social expectations that fetter the classic eastern woman. It’s about giving her the freedom to soar high above and identify her true worth. Continue reading…

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