This Eid work on coming out of hiding; if you have been shying away from fashion and style all these years Eid is the time to start over again. For Eid get rid of those clothes that make you feel the most frumpy! On Eid eliminate restricting blouses, baggy pants and T-shirts from your wardrobe! These syles tend to draw attention to your physical shape and only serve to make you feel more self-conscious. For Eid opt for a more open collared top, maybe a V-neck or a crew neck. Tops that reveal a little shoulder can make you feel ten times better on this Eid.

This Eid while picking your Eid dress remember if you feel self-conscious, you can’t feel comfortable. Find a style you are comfortable with. Find fabrics with solid colors or with complimentary patterns on them. When choosing your style, avoid the constricting or too clingy; there should still be room to breathe.

Take a friend along who can be objective in helping you find clothes to compliment your shape this Eid. For Eid dress, be honest with yourself. Don’t waste your valuable style money for something that is not your style.

This Eid don’t forget to be experimental. Experiment with your colors and your prints. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, but accentuate your positives and conceal your negatives.

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