Eyes are often described as the key to one’s soul. Moreover, they provide us with the God given gift of vision – something most of us can not ever imagine living without. So shouldn’t the key to your soul and the provider of vision be treated and protected with the very best eye care possible?

For eye care, you need to have regular eye tests, wear the right reading glasses and wear them when they are needed. Your vision can deteriorate over time and the speed of this process is unique to each individual person, so regular eye exams are an absolute essential part of eye care. Eye exams at the opticians can also reveal other health problems such as diabetes, eye tumours, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and even signs of a stroke. Reading glasses have absolutely revolutionised the fashion scene, with both male and female stars setting a striking example for us to follow.

Once an expensive investment that would set you back the average person’s monthly salary, fashionable reading glasses are now available in many designs, in many stores at many different price points. It is important that you select the right reading glasses for your eye care. The strength of the reading glasses should be determined by how long sighted you are. When selecting a pair of reading glasses, consider what you will be using them for. If you do a lot of outdoor reading, there are sun reading glasses available that are either polarized, tinted or UV protected. Folding reading glasses are good for people on the go, and can be tucked into a shirt pocket or small purse.

Don’t continue using a pair of reading glasses if they hurt your eyes or make you dizzy. Always consult your optometrist if you have any problems.

Reading glasses are an important part of any person who has weak eyes and with time they have entered the fashion scene as well.

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The Fashion Industry of Pakistan is tremendously doing its best in the world of Style and Fashion. Pakistani Fashion industry is proudly producing talented people with sharp minds and smart figures in the field of Fashion Modeling.

Pakistani Fashion Models are gaining popularity with the every passing day; both at national and international level. In fact the trend of arranging Mega Fashion Shows is more spreading in middle-east, and in Asian countries, as compared to European Countries. As the sense of adopting latest & unique fashion is increasing among the people, similarly the trend of experimenting new Fashion designs (especially by different designers) is also gaining popularity. We see the latest new designs every day in some magazine, on the cover page of sum fashion publications, through T.V, Fashion shows etc. Especially on the ramps or Fashion shows, we explore the latest fashion variety; and the people who represents these fashion styles are the ‘Fashion Models’.

Pakistani Fashion models are certainly the representatives of our Fashion industry. The trend of becoming fashion model and the competition among the models is increasing with the every passing day. Especially from the last few years Pakistani Fashion industry has introduced many stylish and hard-working fashion models. Like Vaneeza, Aminah Haq, Iraj, Suneeta Marshall, Eman Ali, Nadia Hussain, Rubab, Neha, Fozia, Mehreen, Faiza Ansari, Tooba, Rachel, Rabya, Saba Qamar and many more. Vaneeza, Iraj, Eman Ali, Nadia and Aminah, Haq etc are the senior Fashion models and the most of them are new Faces in the world of Fashion modeling.

Almost all of them have to work hard in order to maintain their name and to be on the ramp & in fashion magazines. They also try their best to keep them selves fit and up-to-date. They have to be physically, mentally, psychologically smart; as they are idealized by many fashion lovers and followers. It does not matter too much that which family and educational background they belongs, as people wants to see glamour and beauty in the Fashion shows, Fashion magazines and on the ramps.

Due to the hard work of Pakistani Fashion models and designers, many National and International companies & designers prefers to arrange Fashion Shows in the renowned cities of Pakistan; like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

Our models are doing their best to establish the name of our country in the international Fashion industry, in a true sense.

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Luscious-Cosmetics(Karachi 23 and 24 July 09) Luscious Cosmetics brings to Karachi an exciting two day Live Beauty Event. Ladies are invited to come and experience the Luscious Cosmetics brand and to “Celebrate their Beauty” at the Forum Mall. Specialist Makeup artists will be on hand at exclusive Luscious counters offering make up trials, consultations and free product samples. A 10 % discount will also be offered on all Luscious products for the duration of the event.

Speaking about this live beauty event, Mehrbano Sethi, Creator of Luscious Cosmetics has said: “This is the first time that a cosmetic brand in Pakistan is inviting people to come and try on products from the entire range and to experience cosmetic lifestyle. I want women to experience Luscious products at their leisure, including our lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations, glosses, whitening base, and blushes, and have fun creating their own signature look! I am proud of the fact that we are a brand at par with top international names, yet we offer affordable and accessible products, made especially for Pakistani skin tones.”

Luscious Cosmetics was introduced in 2008 by Mehrbano Sethi and Nauman Gilani and has grown to offer a complete range of colour cosmetics, a revolutionary sun-protection product and beauty brushes. The range is constantly expanding and will soon include nail polish, skin care and cutting-edge beauty products in 2009.

So ladies if you are looking for a fresh makeup experience head to the Forum Mall and create your own style from Luscious’ easy-to-use formulas: – It’s all about putting the fun back into makeup!

Luscious Live Beauty Event:
July 23 2009: 10 am to 10 pm
July 24 2009:  10 am to 6pm

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Fashion Code is all defined by the clothes, accessories and most importantly the BRANDS we wear. It starts from our own self expression followed by a self defined bold statement on individuality and self evolution.  The people we meet judge us first by the branded outlook we carry. Looking cool and brand conscious is part of being alive these days.  Nothing says super-fly, like wearing top-tier branded quality clothes, all of which you can find in the newly opened Mall of Lahore, led by Mall Manager Ulf Anderson who envisioned it as a shopping cum entertainment centre of Lahore. So, visit MOL, and let your fashion code do the talking from today!

And we have our latest research findings to help you decide on how you want to look and feel like. We got down to probing students why they think big shopping malls are better than retail stores and rightly so, majority said they find everything under one roof. Imagine what a heaven Mall of Lahore will be for those brand conscious youth segment! After all, at the branded stores of the Mall of Lahore, you have everything within reach under one roof, from branded shoes and latest designer apparel to the signature jewelry, we bet you can’t find elsewhere.  Not only do they look better, they help you stand out in your sitting, standing or walking. It’s not just shopping but a complete lifestyle experience.

In the survey, we asked teenage students as to what they thought about all those branded shops.  The top three answers were RELIABILITY, QUALITY and EXCLUSIVITY, which in fact shouldn’t be of any surprise. This is exactly what the high end brands at Mall of Lahore promise you.

The students were also asked about their choice spending as to how they would like to spend their money if they had unlimited supply of it. It’s clear that most young people would choose to spend on general shopping for themselves.  And if you can afford to pamper yourself by flaunting your style and individuality, what’s stopping you?

If you are one of those young urbanites craving for the best and latest look in town, do stop by the Mall of Lahore.  From Nike, to Next to Khaadis, look up and feel all the best top brands on yourself and take your pick!

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Life is a blessing, only if health stays associated with it. Exercise is pivotal for health. But then there are other factors important for health as well. Lean, mean, fat-burning machine; happy, content, blissful; cheerful, optimistic, relaxed; then be just that! Acquire health.

For a lifestyle based on health, here are some easy first steps for a beginner:

  • Avoid fried foods, burgers and other fatty meats. They spell everything but health.
  • Dairy products should be eaten in low fat versions; fat adversely affects health.
  • Nuts and sandwich meats, mayonnaise, margarine, butter and sauces should be eaten in limited amounts for good health.
  • Smoking is harmful to your health; reducing use of smoking and other products that kill is a very good idea. Give up just one cigarette, the next one.
  • Easier said than done is reducing stress. Stress busters come in many forms to ruin our health.
  • Recommended by experts is to think positive thoughts. Count to ten, relax and think about your health before losing your temper or getting aggravated.
  • Avoid difficult people for better health when possible since they will certainly show you red spots sooner or later.
  • Spend 30 minutes a day doing something you like, acquire health and relax. Walk in a park; read a good book; visit a friend; play with your dog; watch a funny movie.
  • Get a massage. Soak in a hot tub. A facial or a haircut to indulge yourself. Listen to soothing music and relax.
    Meditate. Shut out the world and relax.
  • At least try avoiding smoke-filled rooms, high traffic areas, breathing in highway fumes doesn’t let you relax.

There’s a definitive connection between living well and living healthy and having a cheerful outlook on life. You can’t be unhappy when you’re smiling, relaxed and thinking happy thoughts.

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Fashion has many shapes and moods, sometimes unique/latest Fashion became the centre of attention for all Fashion lovers and at times old Fashion, when rephrases or came again inspire the new generation.

Some trends of Style & Fashion world leaves their long lasting impressions on the mind of people and when came back, no matter after many years, receives the same appreciation. One example of such trends is the re-articulation of ‘Trousers’.  The trend of trousers is not the new one; they come again into Fashion after some years. Currently this trend of wearing trousers is gaining popularity with the every passing day. They can be easily wearable in almost all types of occasions; in causal wear, formal wear, parties, and all types of functions. Trousers are also easily available in many types of stuff; like in skinny jeans, jourget, silk, and in cotton. Especially in summer season, you can see cotton trousers in their full bloom.

The most famous type of latest trousers is ‘wide-legged trousers, this season’s favorite wearable nearly for all. These loose-fitting trousers on your legs happen to be very comfortable and easy to carry as well.

Latest Fashion has revealed many comforts and variety in the life of today’s women. In summer season trousers can go with cotton in addition to lawn stuff. You can enjoy them with Lawn tunics and katans. You can also wear them separately with tank tops, t-shirts and with Kurtas too.

In summer season mostly trousers are ‘inn’ in light colors; particularly in off-white and in white shades. People have turned shalwar to Trousers, so add different colorful varieties of trousers in your wardrobe.

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Undoubtedly, jewelry is the weakness of most of the women. Some ladies love to wear jewelry and they are just crazy about the accessories they carries, particularly the jewelry they wear.

There are many types of fashionable jewelry to make the women more beautiful; like the old traditional one, which we at times call the antique jewelry, the gold (which has been the most common and likeable type of jewelry for women from centuries), silver jewelry and diamond jewelry, the delicate crystal & small beats jewelry, the jewelry consists of stones, etc.

Besides all these kinds of jewelry, there is another unique/latest type of jewelry named ‘the Funky Jewelry’. Funky jewelry, which is easily affordable & available in the markets now-a-days, is gaining much popularity with the every passing day. It is a good idea to give funky jewelry as gift. The uniqueness of the jewelry is its new designs and the colorful looks. The different multi-colors of the funky ornaments appear so attractive and became the reason of its fame. You can have matching funky jewelry with any of your dress and then can have a new fresh & striking look; as wearing funky jewelry simply means to have a different & new look, which you had never before.

The most common charms of the funky jewelry include the earrings, rings, necklaces, and especially the bracelets. Once you started wearing these trinkets, it become difficult to stop yourself. The colorful beats and buttons seem so catchy that any girl can easily become a fan of them. The different types of bracelets take account of tooth brush bracelets, Bee bracelets, origami bracelets, Potato chip bag bracelets, Tetris bracelets, button bracelets, etc. The exciting range of pendants includes stones pendants, lovely octopus necklace, Glass Tetris necklace, Lotus Love necklace, Freckle in the spring deer Photograph pendant, Robot Glazed Ceramic Clay Pendant, Hello Pendant, Cute animal Glass pendants, Maximum Fringe necklace, Open & Closed necklace, In a Pickle glass bottle pendant, etc. Other then these the interesting variety of rings comprise of Craved hand Cast Resin Cocktail rings, Decoupage Eye boll rings, Multiple Flower rings, etc. The funky range of ear-rings includes Phone Jack ear-rings, Red Dahlia ear-rings, Fabric Scrap ear-rings, etc.

So try this exclusive type of jewelry, by adding the colorful collection of Funky charms in your fashion statement.

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