No matter what ever your height is or whatever your natural complexion is, as these things are not in your hand; the worst thing is to have a big ‘Timmy’.

It’s very hard or almost impossible to increase your height according to your desired parameters but you can control your belly to look sensible. If you are not exactly falling in the category of fat people but worried about your increasing belly, then do not worry; you can get rid of this problem. We will help you out in reducing your belly.

If you have already tried a lot and now feeling irritated then surly you are in search of some new tips. First and the most important tip, is to drink plenty of water; drinking a lot of water is mainly the significant beauty and fitness tip. Through drinking water you can protect yourself from the drastic effects of dehydration. Dehydration actually pushes your body to save some water and this can led to carry up extra pounds around the central portion of your figure. So keep yourself hydrated by fresh juices, green tea or simply with water.

Walking and talking both can be helpful for you in reducing your weight. About thirty minutes walk on daily basis will surly help you. In this way you can make your metabolism fast and can burn extra fats. There is nothing good then the typical exercises, like walking. Other types of exercise like cardio exercise, aerobic exercise can also do the trick and make you look smarter; particularly ‘Belly exercises’ are the best for you in this regard. Besides walking and exercises, much talking and especially laughing will contract and stretch your abdomen. Stretching and contracting of the abdomen is another perfect exercise for reducing the belly.

Proper diet is the key towards the healthy and happy life style. Intake of less fatty food is must in the process/ program of belly reduction. It does not mean to skip a meal; especially skipping the breakfast can make your metabolism slow and your energy level down at the start of the day. Try to chew your bite as much as you can before swallowing. In this way you can help out your stomach to work efficiently. Avoid taking oily, fatty and salty foods too; as excess of salt absorbs the water from your body. So holding less water can’t help you in reducing your belly.

Set your posture, while seating on the seat. Straight posture gives your figure a true good shape, helps your backbone to work properly and it is a good exercise of your stomach muscles as well. On the contrary if you are not in the habit to use the back of the seat properly, it will provide room for your belly to grow out and it would not look nice too.

So if you really want to look reasonable, try to apply all these productive tips in another attempt of reducing belly.

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The King of Pop music and the heart beat of millions of Fans; Michael Jackson is no more now. Michael Jackson was an American singer & musician and was born on the 29th of August, 1958; and died on the 25th of June 2009. In his more then 50 years of life he served the Pop music and introduced many trends in the World of Pop music. He also commenced some revolutions in the field of ‘Break dance’; as he was a wonderful performer of the break dance too.

Michael Jackson was on number seven in his siblings and was an integral part of the Jackson Family. He started his music career when he was just eleven years old, he joined the Popular American music group of his family ‘The Jackson 5’ later become ‘The Jacksons’. In 1971, he also started his solo singing while staying as a member of that group. In this way, he soon become a professional singer and in 1982, he launched his world best selling album; ‘The Thriller’.  Other then this, four further studio albums made the record business. ‘Off the wall’ (1979), ‘Bad’ (1987), ‘Dangerous’ (1991), and ‘History’ (1995) were his other heart touching pieces of creativity.

Michael Jackson earned lots of fame through his mind blowing stage performances. The complicated and thrilling dance technique of Michael always formulated his audience spell bound. His videos like ‘Black or White’ and ‘Scream’ made Jackson a stunning person having two arts at a time; dancing and singing. The hip hop or Rock & Roll videos of Michael Jackson still have a strong influence on the minds of people and other singers & musicians as well.

In his successful career of 50 years old life, he proved himself as ‘The Legend’. He served the people by many ways; he was a soft hearted and generous man of sprit. The news is in the air that he died because of heart attack or some other cardiovascular disease. No matter whatever the cause of his death but the bitter fact is, he is no more with us.

He has left millions of die heart fans all around the world. He is departed apparently but he will live in the hearts of his fans forever.

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When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry: happy father’s day.

Every living day for humans is special and every passing minute is more rewarding than the last as you have learnt more and loved more and seen more. In one of these many special days is one that honors our fathers for being who they are and letting us be who we are. Father’s Day is a day of commemoration and celebration of Dad. It is a day to not only honor your father, but all men who have acted as a father figure in your life – whether as Stepfathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, or Big Brothers; so on father’s day don’t forget  all these people!

Father’s day is that one day when we celebrate the existence of the relation of a father. Father’s day celebrations are a reminder to us that we have someone to thank and cherish for all the best in the world. Father’s day celebrations are also to express the gratitude and love we have for our fathers and to make that one day so special that the past year with all sorts of ups and downs don’t leave any bruises.

Father’s day comes on every third Sunday of June and it is that one time when we can freely celebrate a divine relationship. Father’s day celebrations don’t necessary come to the mark to which father’s love their children but it is a start and a promise that the rest of the year would hopefully be filled with more love and understanding.

Father’s day started from a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington, who thought of the idea for Father’s day while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909.

Father’s day in Pakistan might not be at a scale it is celebrated in the rest of the world but the spirits are catching up. For instance in the west for father’s day celebrations they put up huge sales and the malls have different activities for the children to enjoy with their fathers. In Pakistan father’s day is still in its early forms and with every year the excitement is building up and the awareness about father’s day is spreading. Father’s day in Pakistan is also celebrated in schools and the children have interactive games too. Father’s day is a day to celebrate and that is how it should be spend; celebrating.

Most countries of world celebrate Father’s Day at different dates depending on the origin. But father’s day in Pakistan is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. So this year Father’s Day in Pakistan is 21st June 2009.
In addition to Father’s Day, International Men’s Day is celebrated in many countries, most often on November 19.
Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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Zero, a digit that has been haunting women all over the world for centuries now. And no I don’t mean it in the bank corrupt way but in terms of weight. Zero size is a dream every girl dreams of achieving and many don’t. It is sad how many young girls each year get stung by this bug and become ill and sometimes it has known to be life threatening as well. A question many ask and the answer most don’t know; what really is zero size? Size zero is an American clothes size. The measurements vary from store to store but typically would be about a 31 inch bust, 24 inch waist and 33 inch hips. In UK sizes this would be a standard size 6. Size 0 is the smallest US size available apart from a size 00 which is 1 inch smaller (equivalent of a UK size 4 – measurements 30-23-32).

Media has given the un-needed hype to zero size which has direct impact on the common people in the society. Boys wish to with women just like Angelina Jolie or Kareena Kapoor. Recently this bug reached Pakistan because our neighboring country actresses have also started to attain the impossible; to become zero size. Many like Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor have already become zero size putting direct pressure on our society as we relate more and more by Bollywood than Hollywood. Zero size pressure is one many girls can’t take and hence fall for the deadly disease anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa in layman language is starvation to death but media has given it the fancy name of zero size.

Louise Redknapp, a singer and TV presenter, says of her documentary The Truth about Size Zero, “towards the end I remember thinking? It’s kind of nice to feel your jeans loosening.’ Oh my God, it felt pretty good. It was the first time I could wear skinny jeans and flat shoes and not feel fat. At that point I actually liked my body better, which is frightening. But my face and neck looked gaunt and, anyway, I couldn’t have maintained it. I felt like crap.”

Zero size may be tempting to achieve but it is not healthy and definitely not worth risking your life. Hence try to look for happiness in the things that really matter and always be motivated to live a healthy life than a life under peer pressure and life of living in false fairy tales.

Zero size is not the end of the world and surely it is not the beginning either. Life is all you make of it and your weight is not to be blamed for any failures that come your way. So don’t punish yourself for the crime you didn’t commit.

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LUX style Awards being the top class Fashion Awards of the Pakistani Fashion Industry always brings you the best Fashion & style statements.

The fashion nominations for the eighth LUX Style Awards were announced in Karachi by the LUX Style Awards office this week. The fashion jury, comprising editors and fashion writers of leading newspapers and fashion magazines, decided on five nominations each for the nine fashion categories.

The criteria for the nomination selections was set keeping in mind output and quality of work during the calendar year 2008. The jury was asked to view portfolios as sent by various nomination hopefuls and draw on their knowledge of work as seen by them all throughout 2008. The work of many aspiring and young fashion designers, make-up artists, photographers and models was discussed and analyses.

The 2009 Fashion Nominations are a mix bag of exciting raw talent, very bankable fashion industry stalwarts like Arif Mehmood for Best Fashion Photographer, and Tariq Amin for Best Hair and Make-up, whose outstanding work throughout 2008 won them nominations slots after a long gap. Others like Abdullah, Ameer Zeb Khan, Neha Ahmed, Fayeza Ansari, Khawar Riaz, Deepak Perwani, Sara Shahid at Sublime, Sonya Battla, Rizwan Beyg, Sana Safinaz and Umar Sayeed almost write themselves into the nominations each year on account of the excellence of their work, their high output and visibility in print and on the ramp.

The first level of voting was carried out in a meeting in Karachi last month where all the eleven-jury members attended a day-long session. Those present were Aamna Haider Isani, Andleeb Rana, Kaleem Ahsan, Madeeha Syed, Mariam Mushtaq, Moeen Pal, Muniba Kamal, Raheel Rao, Tehmina Khalid, Zahra Hameed and Zurein Imam.

The second tier of voting takes place next month when fashion industry designers, photographers, models, and make-up artists from across Pakistan select winners from among the announced nominations. At that stage, there are separate juries for each of the four disciplines of design, make-up, photography and modeling.

The LUX Style Awards for excellence in cinema, music, television and fashion are an annual awards event that aims to elevate and recognize Pakistan’s budding and established creative arts talent across the country.

Fashion Nominations 2009

Best Female Model

1. Fayeza Ansari
2. Nadia Hussein
3. Neha Ahmed
4. Noore Bhatti
5. Rabia Butt

Best Male Model
1. Abdullah Khan
2. Ameer Zeb Khan
3. Arsalan
4. Iffi
5. Rizwan Ali

Best Fashion Photographer
1. Arif Mehmood
2. Deevees
3. Guddu Shani
4. Khawar Riaz
5. Rizwan ul-Haq

Best Hair and Make up Artist
1. Akef Ilyas
2. Guddu Shani
3. Khawar Riaz
4. Munazza Rizwan
5. Tariq Amin

Best Emerging Talent
1. Aaminah Sheikh (Model)
2. Adnan Pardesy (Designer)
3. Fahad Hussain (Designer)
4. Fayyaz Ahmed (Photographer)
5. Nisha Butt (Model)

Best Menswear Designer
1. Amir Adnan
2. Deepak Perwani
3. Ismail Farid
4. Kuki Concepts
5. Munib Nawaz

Best Retail Brand
1. Crossroads
2. Ego
3. FNK Asia
4. Generation
5. Stoneage

Best Pret Designer
1. Iman Ahmed at Body Focus
2. Maheen Karim
3 .Sadaf Malaterre
4.Sara Shahid at Sublime
5.Sonya Battla

Best Couture Designer
1.Bunto Kazmi
2.Kamiar Rokni
3.Rizwan Beyg
4.Sana Safinaz
5.Umar Sayee

Judging, deciding and then nominating the first class hit among many good are not as easy, particularly when it comes to Fashion Industry. LUX Style Awards every year presents the great opportunity in making your opinion about the best one.

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Fashion designers can be your best fashion friends if you are in a habit to listen to Fashion designers advices. Fashion designers simply give you the new and good looks and the change by Fashion designers always brings something unique in your personality.

Fashion designers are the imaginative people who create new designs. Fashion designers actually convert your plain Fashion statements into the stylish one. They initially work in generating the ‘idea’ comes in their mind. Then Fashion designers sketch that idea on the paper or on the computer artistically. They choose colors, combinations, contrasts, accessories etc, to develop an innovative piece of creativeness. This entire process, from generating the ides to finishing the product takes even months of Fashion designers. 

In this way Fashion designers makes your insight colorful. In our country Pakistani Fashion designers doing the same job; by creating/introducing new and fantastic ideas. Pakistani Fashion designers have big responsibility in this scenario as it’s not easy to style the mind sets of the people here, about Fashion statements.

More or less all the Fashion designers throughout the world feel affection for their fascinating work, but at times fashion designers acquire their job as challenge. Fashion designers tell you what actually suits you in the light of their experience. Fashion designers advice you according to your physique & height etc; as Fashion designers knows better regarding to outfit adjustment. Fashion designers also have better knowledge about the latest trends and up-date fashion statements, so they will guide you how to match with the current fashion world. Good Fashion designers have got all the guts to read the mind of their clients, these Fashion designers can judge that what their customer desired for. Now-a-days this tendency of seeking advice from Fashion designers is establishing popularity.

So it’s always good to consult the Fashion designers; to make you or your occasion special.

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In our first part, we have told you about some precautionary measures regarding make-up; particularly about preparation of good make-up looks. After organizing the make-up products and directing yourself towards the good make-up ability, you need to access some more preventive measures of make-up.

Always start make-up with the fresh face and temperament. Wash your face gently, probably with some good mild soap or face wash; and re-wash with chill water. Some beauticians suggests that message your face with an ice-cube before applying summer/spring make-up. First of all applying good moisturizer provides you fewer chances of cracks in the base of your make-up.

Apply the foundation/base with intense care in your make-up as an equally blended /smooth base easily hides the blemishes or stains of your face. On the contrary un-equal or badly blended base of make-up highlights the stains on your face and makes them more prominent. If you are fancy to apply concealer, then do not forget to match it with your foundation. Artistic make-up easily covers all unwanted marks of your face.

For fine make-up another important thing is to select the standard make-up brushes, especially for the blush. Blush in make-up simply adds extra shine in your face by highlighting your cheeks. Always apply light colored shades on your cheeks to have soft make-up look, and to enhance your natural beauty. Light colored make-up shades like peach or light pink helps you in this scenario. Dark colored make-up shades can’t give you rosy & soft look. Also remember that apply the shades on the appropriate place on the cheeks for quality make-up; smile is the best way to direct you.

Eyes being the prominent feature of your face require the careful make-up. Do not forget to keep tissue paper beneath the eyes while applying eye make-up; as the extra dust if sprinkle on the face would disturb your neat make over. Preferably apply the eye make-up shades according to your dress code, but to have bit natural looks apply the light shades. Do not forget to apply mascara to define your eye shape for a neat make-up.

Applying lipstick would be the last stage of your make-up. Dark shades of lipstick kills your soft or natural make-up looks. So always apply light but glowing shades of lipstick too. Lip glosses goes best in this regard. Lip balms with the fruity fresh colors & protein treatment keep your lips healthy and glowing.

By considering all these important points you can straightforwardly enhance your natural beauty through soft make-up.

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