Black and White – never out of fashion

The combination of Black and White has always been on high ends when it comes to the fashion world. What’s more interesting is that more black and white mishmash dresses can be seen on display in fashion outlets or the ramp. Whether u prefer to wear it with a white blazer and skinny pants and ankle boots or a tastefully designed black and white tunic with opaque black tights and black shoes, it would still look instantly sophisticated and classy.

Black and White fashion trends
Black and White fashion trends

Even pattern mixing in black and white looks amazing and catchy. Try contrasting textures with a black and white print. While some of us feel like being dressed up in a waiter’s uniform at some fancy restaurant, it’s basically all about how you make it look like. Wear some nice black and white accessories to go along with your theme, , say a nice chiffon scarf, would accentuate the elegance of your dress even further.

Whether strips or a dotted effect, black and white hodgepodge has maintained a sense of comfortablity in terms of style sense since ages.

From period of Audrey Hepburn till today, many film and TV artists dressed in a Black and white dress, gleam and fascinate their audiences.

With newer fashion trends evolving in the diverse world of fashion, designers never quite experimenting with different hues and colors. With black and white always being a favorite combination, it simply never goes out of fashion.

This color combo is a timeless trend, which has remained in vogue for decades and will perpetually remain so, until some creative soul comes up with something to match with it.

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