Dry Fruits, Beautiful Gift of Nature

Nature gave us the delicious and colorful gift of dry fruits, in order to remove the dryness from our life.

Especially in winter season, the dry fruits remain in their bloom. The countries or cities, those remain cold throughout the year always have dry fruits all the time. Other then juicy fruits, these dry fruits are also a big source of nutrition’s.

Whether they are chewy dried apricots or crispy pine nuts, salty pistachios, bittersweet walnuts or sugary raisins, or crunchy hazelnuts, dry fruits are a big source of providing you energy and lame you healthy. Mostly are rich in oils, they provide energy in the form of lipids (fatty acids, especially mono and poly saturated ones). These are the forms of fats; your body required the most. They don’t make you fat, if you will consume them normally. They can simply make you healthy and active.

Actually these are the unsaturated form of fats which make you really fat, with having no such serious benefits. But the fats contain in dry fruits are really good for your healthy. They are also a rich source of calorie, like (2510kg/100g or 600kcal/100g) etc.  Other then healthy fats and calories, dry fruits and nuts contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients including fibers, minerals, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins the most. They contain many types of vitamins, for example, A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C and E).

According to one research, dry fruits are also beneficial in healing process. Due to the high dietary fiber present in them, it aid against the corpulence, high blood pressure and reasons those can cause the chances for heart disease.

The plentiful benefits of dry fruits are not restricted there. Some dry fruits like, pistachio, when taken with milk and sugar gives you freshness. Some like almonds enhances your power memory & eyesight. Raisins, improves the process of digestion, good for eyes and throat, etc. well almost all dry fruits purifies your blood and all gives you energy in much extent.

Besides all these basic benefits, dry fruits have their necessary place in so many other fields. In most of the chocolate industries, dry fruits must be there to add more taste and nutrition. Dry fruits coated chocolate make much healthier pack, which is too good particularly for the kids. Other then chocolates, cookies and cakes, some desserts remain incomplete without the addition or sprinkle of dry fruits.

So, in order to take a well balanced & more delicious diet, you should include dry fruits in your diet to make yourself healthy and active.

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