HSY is the designer Pakistan’s fashion scenes are craving for. And this craze is not limited to Pakistan. The list adds many foreign countries. HSY has taken his brand “HSY house” from a local influential fashion house to a well established International brand in a short period of time.

I just got a chance to check HSY’s Spring Summer 2009 collection. And, as always HSY has done it again. His new collection is a nice blend of our rich heritage of the Eastern traditions with the styles and sensibility of the West.

HSY has an amazing understanding of the human body which he translates well in his collection. He also has a great command on utilizing only the best natural fabrics and giving luxurious-detailing to these fabrics. The outfits in his new collection has amazing cuts that are both ageless and contemporary; and creates a look which is elegantly classic yet stylishly modern.

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Talking to Nabeel was so engaging and right from the word ‘go’, the flavor of his utterances was reflective of a mature adulthood and allowed me to peep into his inner self which was loaded with an urge to follow the footsteps of those who have blazed a trail of achievement in the field of fashion.
In the most initial moments, he paid tributes to his accomplished father and inspiring mother, who motivated him and his brother to lead a life truly worth living. That is why, he continuously strives to recommend this cheerful secret to those he interacts with. Indeed, he says, “the journey through life’s highway can become satisfaction oriented and full of happiness by giving up your narrowed cramped self and bringing joy to others”.
Nabeel seems to ooze with ideas, concepts and philosophies related to fashion. Combined with awareness of international trends, fashion forecasts, colors and fabrics available, the actual produce is conceived and created.
Nabeel is CEO of Nabeel&Aqeel, a designer house which aims to promote Pakistan as a country with a fashion industry that has come of age. Nabeel is a young and dynamic designer who has high aspiration for the future in international market, having already accomplished a lot within the country, by gaining acceptability for his own collections ranging from casual to bridal wear for both genders.
A man with a pure soul and a noble touch, Nabeel likes to gravitate with equal precision towards happiness and prosperity, fully dedicated to the needs of his customers, who seek product offerings that are unmatched. For his customers, Nabeel is willing to come up with a multitude of choices. Once the customer interacts with Nabeel, confusion in selection of the right apparel is eliminated. In fact curiosity takes over and the customer begins to feel the difference and starts to understand the touch of finesse with enhanced appreciation of the quality on offer.

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We can predict a person in the course of many ways; one is prediction about his personality through his/her shoes.
Predictions through shoes actually define one’s behavioral patterns and attitude. It predicts person’s behavior towards his own way to live life and his behavior towards his/her relationships as well.



It also indicate his habits, especially hygienic habits, like if someone is in the habit to keep his shoes clean most of the time then it means that he must be a tidiness loving person in his other matters too. On the other hand if a person doesn’t care about the cleanness of his shoes, it means that he is careless in his other matters as well.

Other than this if one loves to wear soft and gentle texture shoes than its mean that he is bit sensitive sort of person. This softness loving nature reflects his sensitivity. On the contrary if one prefer to wear hard or rigid texture shoes than its means that he has potential to protect himself from the difficulties. He can cover or safe himself from the bitter realities, etc.

The state of one’s shoes designates the state of everything else in his life. Most of the things or matters of your life needs your proper attention and concentration. You must give in order to keep your things well managed. If one is in the habit of taking good care of his shoes, it means that he is a well organized person in his other aspects of life too. In other words we can say that maintaining shoes indicates the behavioral pattern of character maintenance.

If a person do some extra work in order to keep his shoes in a proper way, It means that he can do extra effort whenever necessary in his life or in order to safe his important things. On the contrary if he just throw the shoes when he came back to home in his shoe cabinet, it means that he has more chances of losing things.

Another important thing in shoe case is that if one prefers to wear silent shoes, means flat and comfortable shoes that make no noise at all, it means that this person prefers calmness most of the time and loves to be alone at times. On the other hand those people who likes to wear noisy or tik tok shoes, it point outs that these people wants other’s attention. Sometimes it can be a matter of attraction or to woo someone. As some says that your shoes communicate or tells your gender.

Also that person who likes to wear decent and elegant shoes represents the simplicity of their personality. Those who love to wear fancy shoes represent their naughty or shiny personality.

In short we may say that how much a man takes care of his shoes specify how much he takes care of himself.

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Lahore born, Pakistani Fashion model Suneeta Marshall

Suneeta Marshall

Suneeta Marshall

seems to believe in hard work and her destiny. As her work in so many different fields at one time, proves this complement.

Suneeta was entered into the modeling world by her aunt, who was running a famous beauty salon in Lahore. This Pakistani Fashion star made her first appearance in a Garnier Fructis commercial. After doing those commercials, and some other commercials for hair products such as Pantene, Head and Shoulders and Kuene etc, Suneeta disappeared from the world of television commercials.

Suneeta Marshall made a comeback as the Gull Ahmed new girl. Suneeta made her place on every Gull Ahmed billboard and in every Gull Ahmed images in all the magazines. This was enough for people to notice that this new Pakistani Fashion model is becoming a ‘Celebrity’ in Pakistani Style Icon. After working for a long time with Gull Ahmed, Suneeta decided to enhance her skills with big fashion designers like Deepak Perwani, HSY, Bunto Kazmi and Nilofer Shahid.

In this way Suneeta started gaining fame while working with Bunto Kazmi, she was chosen by Bunto Kazmi to do modeling for her clothes in 2000 for a Milan fashion show. This was the first time Suneeta was acknowledged by international fame and recognition and that did marvel for her. But it was not the only fame she was earning, she actually have planned to add herself in the list of top Pakistani fashion celebrities, so, After a little international exposure, Suneeta submit her assortment directly to fashion designers such as Dior and Gucci.

Suneeta was courageous enough to assemble the strength and landed the work with Dior, she also started working for Gucci as well. Suneeta Marshal also undoed Dior’s show in Karachi and then in Dubai, London, Paris and Moscow.

After explored her guts in Fashion modeling, she entered into the world of Acting. She made her first attempt in Abaraul Haq’s music video Preeto (Pretty). After her first achievement Suneeta decided to star in the music video for the Shehzad Roy song “Jana”. Then she decided to prove herself on the grounds of Television and Film as well by doing a television movie called Tere Bina (without you). After that Suneeta got to play the pilot in the very interesting television drama Malika in which she plays a Fashion Model/Actress who gets ahead of her friend in show business.

Marshall has worked with numerous prominent Pakistani designers also she had contracts with immense companies such as LUX, Revlon, Jazz, Mobilink, and Sunsilk. After becoming ‘A True Fashion Celebrity’ in Pakistani Fashion Icon, Suneeta has also been offered to show her acting guts in Indian Bolly wood films but since most Indian Films are musicals, Suneeta curved them down.

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