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Nude lipsticks are must for beautiful looks nowadays. Nude lipsticks are used to create an opaque look which allows your eyes to pop up. Are you looking for perfect shades of nude lipsticks?

Here are few scientific reasons of why shampoos are a waste of money. The first answer to our question of why Shampoos are a waste of money is very simple and that is that shampoos are nothing but a mixture of chemicals.

While you are preparing your skin with sun-block before going out in sun, don’t ignore your lips. Protect your lips from the UV rays by wearing the lip balms with SPF. Here are some top choices for you of the best lip balms with SPF to wear in the sun

Latest studies have revealed that chemicals in cosmetics tied to thyroid problems. As in our daily life, we come across a large number of cosmetics. Girls are more prone to such chemicals and thyroid problems because they use cosmetics in their daily life

Monsoon season has started. This season brings a lot of skin and hair problems along with cool breeze. Monsoon season requires extra care. Now the question arises is it good or bad to use cosmetics in monsoon? Everyone knows that females feel incomplete w

Spring season is all about the new changes in latest fashion and trends. Like other trends, there is also a fragrance trend that varies season to season. Spring is the best time to make transition into your perfume preferences. I have made a list of five

From clear, flawless and glowing skin to the perfect shaped nails and shining hair is what every bride dreams to arrive at just before her big day.

Homemade soap is a natural alternative to commercially available soaps. As it is made from natural ingredients; it is free from all harmful chemicals. It is not expensive and can be easily made at home. It is made from vegetable oil that is readily absorb

Are you tired of eating bitter and heavy medicines for the eternal glowing beauty? Try out some edible cosmetics to get rid of all skin and health tensions because the latest trend in cosmetics is to eat yourself beautiful! Surely these products are the m

Many people don't know that how much face oil is important. They think it is just a fashion to use them. The face oil guide tells us that by using these oils your face will become neat and all of your skin problems can be solved.