Worst Breakfast Foods: Be near but Beware!

Commonly used meals for breakfast. Neat, easy and handy, but are they actually good for your health? Here are some common misconceptions about breakfast foods.

Whether its getting out of bed on a lazy Sunday and making the maiden voyage of your day to your fridge, or you’ve just hit the track for an early morning workout and now you stand perplexed facing your refrigerator trying to figure out what to eat, good food advice is one thing that stands out to suffice and justify your serving of whatever you’ve picked for breakfast. Here are some of the most commonly considered healthy breakfast ideas, the concept and nutrient value of which is quite contrary to that what has been assumed. .

  • Cereal

Cereal seems to be the brightest choice and the easiest way out of your decision making dilemma. Its reaching for a bowl of milk and pouring in gushes of cereal that has been made just to savor your taste buds. However the commonly occurring misconception of it being an appropriate breakfast mean was brought down as the sugar content in most cereals trigger an early morning hyperactivity response and then later drains you out of all your energy in the latter part of the day. When it comes to choosing your cereal, try picking one that is low on its sugar content.

  • The Fry-Up

Piling up stacks of grease laden oily foods including sausages, bacon, ham and eggs, the ‘fry up’ is one of the most contraindicated breakfast foods. Putting up 3000 Calories as part of your first meal may seem like a bright idea but the increased risk of atherosclerosis gets quite a few cardiac patients thinking. Hence the use of oiled and greased up commodities on your plate as your bright idea of going to an I hop for an early morning breakfast is a big NO!

  • Muffins

Lusciously tender especially when they’ve come out fresh from the women in the hands of your favorite lady, or whether they just lie there on the kitchen counter and you may grab and walk away with a grand sized muffin every day, the truth is that this anecdote to avoiding breakfast due to its inconvenience is a no go for people who wish to stay fit and healthy. It may charge you up for your day but it shall definitely leave its mark with the addition of a few inches to the measurements of your waist line, but cook some for the ladies, and see how much easier muffins make it for you to get it on!

  • Bagels and Cream Cheese

Just like any other breakfast food, bagels fall into the category of unrefined carbohydrates rather than the well endowed oily products such as the fry up. A bagel is undoubtedly the most glorious break fast food, even more with its close association to the American breakfast culture. However, unless taken with a low fat and low calorie cream cheese, the only direction that a long term bagel and cream cheese breakfast points in is well endowed lipid deposits and extensive cardiac anomalies. 

  • Pancakes

Of course the smell of them is as refreshing as the best delicacy right out of the pantry, but when you come to critically analyze the analogy of the pancakes your realize that its all unrefined carbohydrates fried in butter and topped with artificially induced unhealthy toppings unless you don’t particularly resort to the use of fresh fruits when you’re decorating your pancake dish. Try not stacking them with a slab of margarine on top, that’s like a first class ticket to hell.

Commonly used meals for breakfast. Neat, easy and handy, but are they actually good for your health? Here are some common misconceptions about breakfast foods.

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