An Insight Into The Amateur Fashion Label Black And White

An Insight Into The Amateur Fashion Label Black And WhiteBlack and White couture is a complete fashion house with fabulous & appealing style wear and here to sustain people’s enthusiasm and satisfy their urge to be stylish!

Black and White range of products truly combines Style & Fashion with great panache. It can match any occasion & mood and help fashion connoisseurs stay abreast with the changing trends. With Black and White you have choice to associate with a brand that offers… Choicest & Trendiest Quality wear, at affordable prices!

Black and White’s brand philosophy is ‘providing the most trendiest & quality style wear at competitive price’ makes it a brand apart that is beyond competition!

What is that one thing about fashion that enticed you towards fashion?

The ever changing nature of fashion appeals me because it brings along something new each time.

An Insight Into The Amateur Fashion Label Black And WhiteYou consider fashion an art or business?

Fashion is of course an art when it is practiced with quality and gives you pleasure.

How would you define your sense of style?

Smart and playful yet elegant.

What is the idea behind Black and White Couture?

Offering high end fashion with the value for money.

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

Our inspiration is drawn from the eastern and western art and history for motifs and drapes, while our cuts are pretty much western inspired.

An Insight Into The Amateur Fashion Label Black And WhiteAccording to you designing is an inborn talent or a created talent?

Designing is an art and I believe that art is an inborn skill; no one can make you perform any sort of art. BUT yes it can be polished through institutes and practices; sometimes you discover your inborn skills through guidance from others.

Is it hard to differentiate yourself from other designers in the market?

Fashion today is very monotonous, majority of the designers end up using the same fabric which ends up in similar designs. The only difference that can be told is through the sense of cuts and color palettes. We are catering the fashion conscious ladies who love to be loud and make fashion statements. Our color palette and cuts will stand out from the rest of the designers in the market.

An Insight Into The Amateur Fashion Label Black And WhiteIs fashion truly a viable business now, or is it still a hobby for most?

As far as we remember, women in our society are mostly housewives. Spending all day at home they decide to become designers as their leisure and hobby. But not all fashion companies have the same history.  It is a business for those who do not enjoy, but fashion for me is a passion, so I lie in the middle of business and hobby.

What do you do to give your creativity a boost when you’re working on new designs?

My design team loves to research and have fun with serious work tasks. We boost our creativity through magazines, movies and events, while partying at the same time.

Do you make special designs for yourself?

Yes, of course. As someone said, if you can’t wear it yourself, how can u convince others to wear your designs?

What are your personal goals?

At the moment I want to be recognized worldwide.

An Insight Into The Amateur Fashion Label Black And WhiteHave you created that “one” special dress?

Not yet but yes, will come up with it soon hopefully. As that ‘one’ dress is never planned, it just comes out and stands in front of you.

How do you manage work and your family?

Oh its quite easy, I give my complete dedication to work when I am at work and when I am with family I forget about everything else. So it is quite balance.

How do you think the fashion industry is evolving in Pakistan? What is the future?

If you compare with last 10 years, Pakistan’s fashion industry has covered a long distance. The trends and styles we see today were not even imaginable in past few years. And there is much more surprises to come.  The future is of course unpredictable but I believe we are waiting for Vogue Pakistan!!

What your perfect getaway spot from the hectic work?

A family farmhouse which is peaceful and quite.

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