The ultimate Skin Care Regimen – Kyoku For Men

The ultimate skin care regimen— Kyoku For MenIntroducing a brand that infuses traditional methods of skin care with state-of-the art technology, Kyoku For Men brings a range of products created particularly for men’s skin type. The creator of Kyoku for Men, Asim Akhtar, wanted to launch a brand that would inculcate all natural ingredients to effectively enhance men’s particular skin type.  

From the start Akhtar has been involved in the skin care and beauty industry. With a family background in the beauty industry, he was been involved with a first-hand experience in modern research labs developing and marketing famous beauty brands. While on the search for the perfect components for an all male skin care range, he traveled the world to discover different methods and elements. He then came across ancient Japanese techniques which inspired Kyoku For Men to use rich cultural knowledge along with modern technology.

The range of skin care consists of invigorating face washes, oil controlling moisturizers as well as lip and eye specific products. Kyoku have created a grooming ritual which consists of 3 steps to revitalize and protect your skin. The 3 steps of Cleanse, Scrub and Fuel will help slough away dirt and oil of daily life after which hydrating your skin with an anti-aging moisturizer will protect your skin from sun damage.

Kyoku for Men’s bath and body range is inspired by elements of nature such as Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, using specific scents the range comes in the form of body lotion, body wash and body scrub for a complete skin care regimen. The products uses natures element to “transport you”, carrying out the principle of Cleanse, Scrub and Fuel ritual for body care. Using three specific products with ingredients such as such as ginseng, green tea leaf, bamboo, chamomile and avocado oil designed for an active lifestyle to bring out your best skin.

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