Shoe Style for Summer 2012

Summer shoe style trends have attracted fashion lovers with wonderful intricate, shapes and bold colors. The shoe style 2012 has set the old black pumps on side while appreciating you to step into the new wonderful world of patterns, colors and crazy attractive designs. Summer shoe style is definitely unique this time with perhaps just a bit of quirkiness. If you consider shoes as your guilty pleasure, then shoe style 2012 has definitely a lot more to offer you. Shoe Style 2012 has everything in it that is, from sexy to glamorous and from comfortable to lovely.

 Some of the latest and hottest summer shoe style trends for this year are as follow:

Summer Shoe Style 1: Metallic Toes

The shoe style 2012 has taken the metallic toes to a new, more glamorous level. While bringing more durability to the shoes, metallic toes are considered as one of the hottest summer shoe style trends.

Summer Shoe Style 2: Pointed Toes

Though, rounded toes have been ruling for a couple of seasons, but shoe style 2012 has brought the pointed toes back in trends. This summer shoe style is highly popular as it is much sexier and feminine.

Summer Shoe Style 3: Braided Sandals

Designers have brought back once forgotten braided sandals as one of the hottest Shoe style 2012. The bright colors and unusual ways of braiding are making huge comeback with summer shoe style trends 2012.

Summer Shoe Style 4: Shining Shoes

Just like shining clothing, shiny shoes have also hit the trends of shoe style 2012. Silver and gold footwear are among the popular summer shoe style which are perfect for any formal occasion. 

Summer Shoe Style 5: Rivets

Rivets are incredibly hit summer shoe style trend. The stylish rivets are ruling shoe style 2012 as they come on all types of footwear; from high-heeled pumps to biker boots. From large to small, you can pick up this summer shoe style according to your own desire and style.

Summer Shoe Style 6: Laces

Like many other years, shoe style 2012 has also placed lacing at high position in the world of fashion. Lots of shoes and sandals are available with attractive lacing styles this season.

Summer Shoe Style 7: Wedges and Espadrilles

Wedges and espadrilles are staying this year in summer shoe style. Though, they are still very popular in the list of shoe style 2012, but are less colorful this season.

Step into style by picking up wonderful patterned and bright colored shoes from the latest summer shoe styles. Show your charismatic style by choosing unique, yet practical shoes this season.

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