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Best tips to play an exciting game- golf!! Play with passion.

Golf is one of the most played games all over the world. It is popular and liked by majority of people. Here are few facts about the game.

On an average most golfers play two 18 holes rounds a week.This means 144 holes per month and 1728 holes on an annual basis.From drives to approach shots ,all golfers desire two things-accuracy and distance.

Playing golf both nationally and internationally, Muhammad Munir is one of the best golf players of Pakistan who is doing his work well and representing Pakistan throughout the world. He has won many of golf tournaments and is now on the way to making gol

No doubt, Golf is thought to be a royal game.. It is an eminent game and everyone wants to play it assiduously. There are some people in the world those are keen interested to play golf. But the first step to move ahead you need to write about a vacation

Nearly every golf publication, and most of the golf products advertised in it, are for the most priciest apparel and products one can imagine. One should think about this.

Rules, policies, procedures and other such words are mostly related to many sports. But etiquette is one word that is used primarily for golf. Golf etiquettes have always been vital for making the game pleasurable and keep up its sophistication.

Golf is the game which is present in Pakistan since its independence. There are number of goal courses in Pakistan.

Basic Golf Etiquettes

Many Golf lovers and good players of golf are un-familiar with the “Golf Etiquettes”. One might be surprised that Golfing needs particular etiquettes, but any good golfer would already know how important it is.

Golf is the only game Pakistan started from scratch. The game was introduced and patronized in the Sub-Continent by the British.

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