Top 6 Home Decor Trends From 2014

Home Decor Trends for 2015
Home Decor Trends for 2015

Here are top home decoration trends from 2014 that will remain in style for 2015 as well.


Light-Colored Wood

Dark woods like maple may be classic and austere, but the blonde colored woods (light colored wood) that grew to popularity in 2014 are refreshing, and will remain hot in 2015 making homes feel brighter, bigger, and very friendlier.


Bar Carts

We can say that 2014 may have been the Year of the Bar Cart, but we predict that it will still remain in style in 2015 as well. What's not to love about having all of your cocktail-making ingredients close at hand?

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Brass is just getting going. Not convinced? Here, Kelly Wearstler's kitchen combines brass with oak and marble to make the old metal look totally modern.

Marble Work

Marble's no stranger to countertops, but we love how its taking over walls, floors, and all sorts of accessories and furniture. Where will it fit next? We don't know, but we're itching to find out.

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Reclaimed Wood

Sure, it's been a mainstay of DIY projects and DIY renovations for a while now, but reclaimed wood has started to creep into even the most refined projects, adding a new, rustic dimension to classic design.



Floral patterns may scream "80s," but they've made a roaring comeback. Combined with modern accents, they almost look... chic? It may be surprising, but it's a trend worth exploring further.

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