Term and Description
1. Key

Key is the item to ‘open’; this is the real meaning and purpose of it. To see a key in your dream has different meanings, it indicates the doors of opportunities, and entrance, having control & secrets, and keeping responsibilities as well.

Another connotation of dreaming keys means that you might be lacking confidence in expressing your inside feelings and emotions or you are searching answer of some problem and problem is disturbing you. Specifically a circle or bunch of keys, symbolize your compliance to accept some situation. On the other hand, keys encompass sexual associations too. They can represent lack in communication, powerlessness, disloyalty, etc; well it usually depends on the situation and manner of practicing key.

To dream that you are searching for keys, gives you the good news that you have succeeded in finding the clarification of a dilemma.

If you see that you are losing your keys in your dreams, it means that you have fear to lose your control or you can lose some of your location or rank of life. It may also point outs the unpredicted amendments, disturbances, and repulsive ventures.

To dream that you are giving your key to someone else indicates that you are giving up your control or responsibility to some other.

To see broken keys in your dream signifies “lost in status”. You might have chances of leaving the post or position you are working now.

If the keys you have dreamt are tarnished, then it point outs your talent or skill that you have neglected.  

At last but not least, most interestingly, to hear the rattling sounds of keys indicates that you have the correct approach towards the direction of an idea life. You are moving towards the right direction and soliciting all the right questions during the process. It is also the symbol related to some significant act.       

2. Keyhole

To dream that you are peeping through a keyhole, advocates that it is difficult for you to view the full sight of some position; and now you need to increase your perspective to analyze things in better way.

Conversely, it designates that you are crossing your boundaries and prying into other people's matters.

To dream that someone is looking through a keyhole, suggests that your privacy is being disturbed by some one.

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