Term and Description
1. Jail

If you find yourself in jail, while dreaming about, it means that you are feeling some sort of restrictions or suppression in your work environment or in any circumstance you are in. It can be some of your relationship with anybody around you. In short, you are feeling restrained and asphyxiated in any way.

On the other hand, to see Jail also represents self-punishment and guilt, if you have done something wrong or still involve in some immoral activity. So you can leave, if you haven’t dreamt about jail yet. 

2. Jailer

To see a jailer in your dream also have some similar meanings, it advocates that you are being restrained either by someone else or by your own self or belief system. On the contrary, it point outs your desires to have control on others.

3. Jasmine

Flowers have its own beauty and charm; it’s good to see almost all type of flowers. To see jasmine in your dream point outs towards the feeling of love and protection, you are enjoying in your life. Also if you want to have such blessing in your life desperately but you don’t have and you are waiting, you can have Jasmine in your dreams.

Alternatively, it can also be the hint of short-lived pleasures in your life.

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