Term and Description
1. Ice-Cream

Most of the people in this planet Earth, loves to eat  ice-cream, as this is one of the yummy eatables. It’s good to eat it and it’s good to see it in your dreams as well; as it denotes the joyfulness and satisfaction of your life. You just need to capture the moments you are enjoying, by admiring the importance of time and place you are in. also you need to appreciate the company of people you are with. 

Another interesting meaning to see ice-cream in your dreams indicate the success of your love, or your good luck in achieving or having your love.

Besides these attractive meanings of dreaming ice-cream, there is an alternative meaning too. It suggests that if you see ice-cream in your dream, you need to make yourself cool and your temper down. Staying happy is not less than an art, so be cool as like an ice-cream.

Another different meaning of dreaming ice-cream, in a case if you see tasteless or sour ice-cream signify that you might have some sort of sorrow, disappointment, or betrayal in your life or these worst things are in the way.

Similarly to imagine the melting ice-cram in your hands, symbolizes failure, particularly in realizing the ray of hope and some of your desires.

2. Inauguration

To visualize that you are inaugurating something is quite surprising or different as compared to the most of the dreams but it has some worthy meaning behind it. It simply signifies individual’s growth or an improvement in the present condition.

Especially, if you see inauguration in your dream, it indicates that you are being recognized for your hard work and achievements.

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