Term and Description
1. Hair

A hair in the head is worth two in the brush.
                                                                               Oliver Herford

Generally, to see hair in your dream means that there must be some sexual virility, narcissism, sensuality, and health. It can be an analytic or investigative check of your attitudes and behaviors.

In this regard, the most important thing is to consider the type of hair? Like if you have dreamt about the knotted or tangled hair then its mean there are some sort of uncertainty or confusion is surrounding in your life. You are a fix and don’t know where to go and what to decide. You need clarifications.

On the other hand, to visualize long and straight hair means that you are in the right track and going smoothly and carefully. You are wisely and correctly thinking about some decision/matter.

Besides the type of hair, if you have dreamt that you are cutting your hair, it means that you are becoming week regarding your strength. Somebody is trying to cut you or may have some hurdles in your way. On the contrary, it may also suggest that you are refining your thinking & ideas and reshaping them in some other way; by avoiding the un-wanted things.
Also if you see that you are styling or simply combing your hair means, you are generating new ideas and concepts in your mind. You may want to give a fresh outlook to yourself, either mentally or physically. It may also means that you are lining up or arranging your plans or schedule in a better or well organized way.  

If you have visualized that you are losing your hair simply indicates that you are becoming older or at least losing sex appeal. You need to concentrate on your appearance.  On the other hand it also means that you are losing some of your powers or strength; particularly of winning something or achieving success. It may also mean that you are feeling week or unsecure.

At the end, to see that you are approaching or touching someone else hair, recommends that you want to connect with that person in any way; like to have some sort of relationship with them. Particularly it suggests that you want to develop some intellectual or spiritual relation.

It also proposes to compassion, understanding, protectiveness, and love.

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