Term and Description
1. Games

Games lubricate the body and the mind.
                                                   Benjamin Franklin

To visualize that you are playing games, has two different meanings, one is that you are relaxing & enjoying something, as you have got some spare time out of your hectic routine and now you are enjoying it by playing games. In other words it simply means that now you get chance to get rid out of the tensions and have solved the problems. The other meaning of visualizing games is that you are in some competition. So it’s time to get alert and challenge and utilize your abilities. Be careful about the rules & regulations you own.

To see games in your dreams also represents your animalistic nature. It allows you to re-check your ability to control yourself. By considering the type of game, which you have dreamt, can gives you the better clarifications about the consequences.

2. Garden

A garden is the best alternative therapy.
                                                    Germaine Greer

If you have dreamt about the gardens and greenery, it means that you will reward and good feedback of the hard work you are doing. To visualize garden also symbolizes your strength, potential of doing work, and particularly inner development. To see a garden, full of flowers represents smoothness, calm, love, and comfort; and also a lot of pleasure in your home. If you see that you are gardening symbolizes some of your work or professional issues. 
On the other hand it means that you need to develop fresh expertise in yourself and also you need to pay attention towards your spiritual growth more. To see sparse, weed-infested garden, in your dreams recommends that you are neglecting some of your spiritual aspects & needs. You are not flying high.

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