Term and Description
1. Fabric

For since the fabric of the universe is most perfect and the work of a most wise Creator, nothing at all takes place in the universe in which some rule of maximum or minimum does not appear.

   Leonhard Euler

Seeing fabrics in your dreams means that you are a creative person or you really admire creativity. You have an ability to figure out your own experiences.

 The colors and prototype of the fabric can relates with your circumstances and parallels of it can also tell you the state of affairs in your life. The texture of the fabric tells you that how convenient you are with the people around you and to yourself as well. Like to see silk Fabric means that you will be practice pure happiness. Also to which extent you help others comes under this umbrella. To see fabrics in your dreams also means that you are preparing yourself to structure something.

2. Fairy

Fairies may also be known as the "mistresses of magic".
When you see a fairy in your dream, it suggests that you are looking forward for some help or guidance about a problem or situation you are. You need some clarification related to some your decision. To see dairy means you are in need of some help but you might don’t want to admit it directly that you are in need someone to assist.

Other than this, another meaning to see fairy is that you have got some extraordinary powers in your spirit. Fairies also advocate our elementary aptitude of imagination. It also means that you think that your magical powers will save yourself and can take out of you from any critical situation. So fairy of you dream would be there to encourage and to guide you.

On the contrary, if you see some evil fairy in your dream, then it recommends that one of your aspect needs to get release.

To visualize fairy may symbolizes your soul and your feminine qualities and characteristics.

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