Term and Description
1. Earrings

To see earrings in your dream that you or someone is wearing earrings, simply means that you are in need of paying attention towards your surroundings and to listen more cautiously what people are saying to you and about you. To see earrings only means nothing to get worried but to get alert. Another meaning of viewing dreams means something interesting is waiting for you to be happening.

But to see broken earrings in your visions of night, recommends that you are being talked about by the people, or you are in the gossips of people to be laughed. So be careful.

On the other hand, to dream that you are purchasing earrings means that you are in the desire of acceptance and warmth.

2. Ears

When someone sees ears in dream it means that you are in the need to be more alert or quick to response. Also you need to mold to yourself to take guidance and support from others, might be you are depending too much on your own judgment and perceptions. You should listen to others as well that what others are saying or suggesting you. Well all this, on one hand signifies your infantile behavior and need to boost more experience. Also you are becoming unconscious about something and in need to judge to both internal and external stimuli, what they actually want to tell you. 

On the other hand, to dream that you are cleaning your ears for shine or get hygiene, advocates that you are not listening to people just about you carefully. May be there is something that you are not ready to hear. Also you need to developing good listening skills to get more awareness and to enhance your knowledge. So you may not be turning to deaf ear and can respond to this world more correctly.

Besides them, to dream of pain in your ear, signifies that you will obtain some horrific or unpleasant news.
Moreover, to dream that someone is whispering in your ear, recommends that you need to have more concentration towards your surroundings or you should listen to someone more watchfully. Otherwise, it symbolizes your insecurities and nervousness that you are being talked about by people or someone is busy in your back biting.

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