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Best Exercises To Lose Weight From Hips And Thighs

Most of us assume that belly fat is the toughest to crack (which is quite true), but if you think again, fat accumulated in the hips is the next tough one to nail.

Healthy After Having A Baby

7 Steps To Staying Healthy After Having A Baby

Yet a new mother must try to remain healthy after having children since she needs to be strong to both nurse a baby and sustain her own body at the same time.


5 Amazing Tips To Make Your Breath Smell Good

Most of us focus more on our looks and fitness but apart from this you should also focus on your oral hygiene to keep the bad breath at bay.

Exercises Love Handles

Exercises to Lose Love Handles

Love handles are quite tough to deal with! The skin which due to excess fat, gets saggy and hangs around your tummy sides is known as the love handles.

Keep your Brain Active Even when You're Relaxing by the Pool

Ways to Keep Your Brain Active

There’s been a lot of research into the benefits of keeping the mind busy. Scientists…