J.B. Saeed Home & Hardware Launches First Store in Lahore

J.B Saeed Home & Hardware is The Original Home Store that offers the finest home essentials under one roof.

J.B. Saeed Home & Hardware celebrated the opening of their first ever store in Lahore.

After it’s immense popularity and success in Karachi, the brand has finally come across to Lahore; as a one stop shop for all home essentials.

J.B Saeed Home & Hardware stocks a wide range of international brands of different categories including Architectural Hardware, Kitchen Accessories, Household Products, Garden Furniture, Bathroom Accessories, Door Locks & Handles. After successfully operating in Karachi, J.B. Saeed Home and Hardware legacy continues with its first ever outlet in Lahore.

An exceptional brand that is leading its industry, JB Saeed Home & Hardware stands out and fulfils its promises of providing a range of high quality goods and brands. Its store launch in Lahore warrants the continued success that the brand has had thus far, and looks to be a only the start of what is undoubtedly more to come.

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