Mother’s Day Special Interview – Insam Talks To Fashion Central

Mother's Day Special Interview - Insam Talks To Fashion Central
Mother's Day Special Interview - Insam Talks To Fashion Central

For mother’s day special interview, Brand owner of Insam, who is also a super mom talked to Fashion Central. She also shared her motherly feelings and bonding with her daughters.

Q1: You have been a working mother for a few years: how difficult has it been to juggle work and personal life?

It’s all about management. If one does it well, it’s a smooth sail.

Q2: Considering that your children are very young, how do you avoid working long hours?

It’s sometimes unavoidable due to work demand and deadlines but I make sure it seldom happens.

Q3: Considering your professional commitments, how do you make sure your home isn’t affected?

That's a tricky question; as I said it’s all about managing your time well.

Q4: Do you feel your daughter will carry on your legacy?

I will let her decide.

Q5: What’s the most memorable gift your daughter ever gave you?

Knowing mama is a shoe freak; my daughter planned a trip to Park Towers with Dadi and got me shoes. I’ll always cherish that moment.

Q6: What is the one lesson you wish your daughter takes to heart?

Honesty and just being herself.

Q7: What worries you the most about your daughters?

It’s too soon for me to say anything here.

Q8: How is the bond between a mother and son different from a bond between a father and a son?

Mom and son relation is about softness and care, while father n son relation is about man to man thing.

Q9: Who is more of a disciplinarian, you or your father?

I am known as a monster mom; I guess it says it all.

Q10: Do you feel it’s important for mothers to be the nurturing ones and fathers to be the disciplinarians?

Yes I agree and it’s important.


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