Iman Ali to work in Bollywood

Iman Ali to work in Bollywood
Iman Ali to work in Bollywood

After 'Khuda key liye' earned world-wide acclaim, Iman Ali is being showered with many film offers. Not just Lollywood, Iman Ali is earning great success across the border as well.

Model-turned-actress Iman Ali has revealed that top Indian film producers and directors are willingly offering her various roles to perform in their movies but she has politely turned the offers down, owing to the existing cross-border tension between the two neighboring countries. She mentioned about it at a ceremony of an advertising firm.

Iman further stated that she will definitely for with offers from Indian directors and producers, after the heated air between Indian and Pakistan cools off and things are settled down.
Currently, she is has been hired by two international advertising agencies and is busy working with them.

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