Fashion Designer Sehyr Anis talks to Fashion Central

Fashion Designer Sehyr Anis talks to Fashion Central
Fashion Designer Sehyr Anis talks to Fashion Central

Sehyr Anis is a new Lahore based fashion designer who is creating waves with her chic and sophisticated designs. She has produced fabulous, sophisticated and trendy designs and cuts, Sehyr shares the secrets of her life in an exclusive interview with Fash

Q1: When did you start designing?
Q2: What inspired you to become a fashion designer?
people appreciating my sense of design and embellishment
Q3: How would you define your design philosophy?
Simple, chic, stylish
Q4: What colours are in for Spring/ Summer 2012? 
bold, bright colors like orange, red, fushia
Q5: What colours are a definite no for Spring/ Summer 2012?
greys, ink blues
Q6: If you could dress up any woman in Pakistan, who would it be?
fatima bhutto
Q7: Who is your style icon?
No icon as such...
Q8: Who is your muse? 
None yet
Q9: Do you believe less is more? 
Q10: Do you like working with chiffons more or cotton?
Q11: What fabric do you most enjoy working with?
Chiffon and silks
Q12: What fabric do you hate working with?
Q13: Besides your own designs, whose clothes do you enjoy wearing?
There are so many international brands but locally anything and anything I like. I really like Elan and Umer Sayeed
Q14: Where do you see your label in the next 5 years?
Hopefully it would have developed a niche for itself.
Q15: Have you thought of expanding to other cities and possibly other countries? 
Yes, why not. Slowly and Steadily

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