Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW)

Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW)
Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW)

Another interesting and exiting mega fashion week is on its bloom.

This unusual and fascinating fashion event is flourishing from 24th of January to 1st February 2009 at the Westergasfebriek, Amsterdam, Neitherland. Traditionally this fashion event organizes twice in a year, January and July. AIFW is giving its best, by arranging fashion events since 2004. Now it is becoming a big platform for international fashion. The effort to make this event as the platform of fashion, for new generation has given it more name and popularity. The main purpose to organize this event twice in a year is to promote Amsterdam as an inspiring and creative hub for fashion lovers.

Actually this fashion event is a series of public fashion shows, mainly Dutch and Belgium designers participate in it. In this way this fashion event provides an opportunity to the international fashion audience to enjoy the variety of fashion items of more than one culture.  The shows on the catwalk are accompanied by the whole series of events called Laundry Days, which consists of openings of museum and gallery exhibitions, meetings and parties.

In this way Amsterdam, which already has so many beauties and attractions make its own distinction in the world of fashion as well.  



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