Propose Day

Each day of the lovable month of February is important and well celebrated around the world. The second most cherished Valentine’s Day is given a specific name called Propose Day. Propose Day is the second Day of Valentine’s week celebrated every year on 8th February. Continue reading…

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated each year with much zeal on 14 February. It is called the day of love. Each year on this special day love one spend time together and wishes everyone. Valentine’s Day celebration in Pakistan is done with much effort. Pakistani people love to celebrate the special days where they can greet each other and spread out love. Continue reading…

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KARACHI: Color Studio, a global cosmetics brand dedicated to providing high quality, feel good products to women worldwide, recently conducted an exciting and innovative Love Tour. The Love Tour was part of Color Studio‘s Valentine celebration but instead of restricting the festivities to only 14th Feb, this leading make-up brand dedicated the first two weeks of Feb to conducting a much hyped about and talked about Valentine celebration. The Love Tour visited various salons, colleges and malls, providing each place with a flavor of love. Continue reading…

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Feel The Magic of Love on This Valentine’s Day 2012Valentine’s Day 2012 is the day to get closer to your soul mate and share some memorable moments with each other. Feel the magic of love with your lover on this Valentine’s Day. Continue reading…

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the lovers all around the globe are looking for unique gifts for expressing their love in the most wonderful ways to their partners.

There is much talk about the perfect Valentine’s Day gift these days and therefore, we decided to give you a little bit something on the Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Stop Being Materialistic!

Cards, bouquets, chocolates, stuff toys etc are all good and popular for the Valentine’s Day gift but you need to understand that it is not the gift which basically counts but it is the thought and feeling behind it which matters the most. Continue reading…

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Unique suggestions for planning Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones to make him/her feel special this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Gifts are an awesome way to remind and rejuvenate your love with your partner and loved ones, which is somewhere lost amidst the tiring day to day routine. After spending a whole year in normal schedules, Valentine’s Day is time to think about celebrating love with some extraordinary Valentine’s gifts ideas, using all your creativity and resources to do so. However, choosing Valentine’s gifts for someone very special is undoubtedly a tricky job, but this is the charm of Valentine’s Day to seek out the moments of love out of pressure. Continue reading…

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Now you will have a fair idea of what you can do on this Valentine’s Day. Make it special and un-forgettable for you and your valentine.

And here comes Valentine’s Day to spread the fragrance of romance and valentines messages in the air once again. No matter, how many times people argue that valentine’s Day is no good, that it has no meaning, that love is for all 365 days of the year, but the fact remains the same that as soon as the month of February starts, people start planning on what they will be doing for their valentine on  Valentine’s Day. Continue reading…

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