Welcome winters with a colourful addition to your wardrobe. You would have been sick of years old grey and black winter clothing, just make the winters more exciting this time.  Don’t forget to choose colourful stockings and tights.

Now the question is how we decide on the colour of the stockings or tights. The choice of colour should depend on the outfit you want to wear with the stockings or tights as well as on the occasion you want to wear them on.

Subtle colours can be worn with evening and high fashion formal dresses where as for casual and day wear we can go for bright colours. Since winter mornings are generally gloomy bright coloured stockings and tights will help us add some colours to the outfit and the winter mornings. Continue reading…

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Fashion is extremely important for girls in their teens as it is an extremely important way of expressing one’s own self. Along with being in sync with the times, following the fashion also enables young girls to be in touch with their friends.  The new fashion that has taken the hair industry by a whirl is that of head bands. Cool and funky hair bands are available in an array of designs, embellishments and motifs that make a girl stand apart from the rest of the crowd and add an extra zing to her personality.

Hair trends 2011 saw a flourishing rise in the return of the Alice headbands or most commonly known as the Blair headbands which are inspired by the character of Blaire Woldorff on the hit American TV series Gossip Girl where Blaire is seen to be adorning an array of headbands and deemed as the queen bee.
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Fashionable scarves add to the elegant and refined look.  Whatever time of year it may be scarves are now taken on as an accessory rather than a need. Women’s scarves are easily available in different sizes and fabrics. The fabric and style of fashionable scarves that women choose depend upon their usability. If you want a chic look and want to compliment your fancy outfit, you can pick a fashionable scarf of silk of chiffon.

And if you want to pair it up with a casual top, go for plain cotton women’s scarves that add a little life to your casual dress. A wide range of branded women’s scarves are there to cater to all kind of women. However, not everyone can afford to spend thousands on fashionable scarves. But remember girls, to shop tastefully, you got to be smart not moneyed.

Discover the rich cultural of pashmina scarves and shawls in Pakistan.  The widest variety of Pakistani scarves is available in pashmina fabric. Continue reading…

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Modernization, advances in civilization and technological miracles have allowed man to breach the epitome of telecommunication; the result of which is the constant buzzing and shrieking sounds of the cellular phone that is one of the most essential commodities in the life of the average person.

Although we are all profoundly indebted to this invention, little is known to us about the etiquette’s of using such devices.

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You already know a lot about clipping coupons and waiting for sales in the mall. But there are even more ways to stretch your clothing dollar such as follows:

  • Use reversible clothing to save money on everyday clothes. Look for everything from swimwear to dresses that have two different sides to double the outfit’s wear ability.
  • One of the biggest money savers is opting for clothing you can wear all year. Although cut of the clothes will dictate how many seasons you can wear an item, fabric is your biggest determining factor.
  • If you’ve bought expensive jeans and designer bags in the past but now can’t afford them, don’t give up on shopping just shop with money saving in mind. You can find great items at a low price at mall-based and specialty stores.
  • The right accessories can transform your wardrobe and give you multiple looks, which helps money saving. Some accessories — like a perfect bangle bracelet or a distinctive necklace — can even work with most of your outfits, becoming your signature look and eliminating the need for a lot of accessories hence money saving get be done. Continue reading…
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