Winters are on their way and the trends are changing accordingly.

So, you have to take a look into your closet and make a few changes as well.

Start off with the shoes this season for you can an impression with your smart choices in the upcoming trends in shoes.

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Borjan (Pvt) ltd is into designing and retailing of shoes through its own retail and partner retailer nationwide network for the last 16 years with the aim to provide exceptional shoes at affordable prices.  Borjan (Pvt) limited is now one of the leading shoe retailers in Pakistan with over 47 outlets in 33 cities of Pakistan selling approximately 500,000 pairs of shoes annually.

Borjan has almost 1,000 individuals employees nationwide, Borjan retail outlets offer a wide assortment of fashion, for gents & ladies. Located primarily in hub of 33 cities, our spacious stores offer the best value by providing good quality shoes at great prices. Customer service is fast thanks to a self selection shopping environment with qualified staff to serve and assist.

Impressive Brand range of Borjan caters to both genders that include Digger (outdoor casuals), Sky Walk (formal comforts), Matilla (informal casuals), Gig (formal) & Kashang. These brands are sold across Pakistan in top shoe stores in addition to our own 41 Retail Outlets.

Ora collection
Ora collection is very colorful and vivid collection for ladies tat has been specially designed for occasion like evening or formal get togethers. These are the delicate shimmery  shoes with high heels, diamantes, brooches, shimmery metallic effect materials, stones, bead work etc targeting the eastern western blend of party wear dresses and embroidered long kameez with culet or trouser of Raw Silk along with little embroidery on hemline.

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Shoes, sigh! What is life without those high heels, pointy, shiny shoes? There’s just something about shoes! Why do women suffer the pain of cramped toes and blisters for the sake of fashion? Why the obsession with shoes? Why do our hearts go pitter patter at a window display of leather, fabric, and glue that we call shoes? For me, beautiful red patent leather shoes was what started my obsession. I was raised on stories where fairytale shoes are featured, like “Cinderella,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and “The Dancing Princesses.” At the age of five I desperately wanted to be Dorothy and I wanted her sparkly red shoes.

Most women have a love/hate relationship with high heel shoes, they know how painful they can be, but they can’t resist the call of a pretty pair of pumps, even if they do have horrible, horrible four inch heels. Shoes with high heels on women add to their charms.

Shoes are an important part of our lives and something that we only bear to part when going to sleep. Shoes have climbed high in the fashion world nonetheless in the real world people still look at the shoes before the face of a person to know what he/she really is made of.

High heels are in. There’s no denying that. And, a fashion-minded woman knows the higher the heel, the taller and thinner she looks.

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