Mehreen SyedTo celebrate 20 years of color perfection, the world’s leading beauty brand, L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème introduces a timeless hair color collection, The Legends. This Collection is inspired by three iconic women of Pakistan who have played a significant role in establishing benchmarks in fashion and beauty: Madam Noor Jahan, Babra Sharif and Tahira Syed. Continue reading…

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Veena does photoshoot for Homosexual RightsDespite broad worldwide gains for gay rights, homosexuality remains criminalized in many countries. But Bollywood Hottie Veena Malik took initiative to support homosexuality. She did a photo shoot in patronage of LGBT Community.

Veena Said, “Homosexuality is a taboo subject for the society but if it should taken in a positive way we will realize that every person have own life and have a right to live in the own way.  I think this cause should be discussed like game in a sexual orientation.

  Rights for all mean all — irrespective of colour, gender or sexual orientation. It’s a matter of human dignity.” Continue reading…

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Pakistani Model AyyanThe glamorous Pakistani diva AYYAN, today, has become the most deserved fashion model of Pakistan for her charismatic personality and super talent.

Either to be model for traditional eastern wear or to walk the runway in western ensemble, AYYAN always catches limelight with her sophistication and credible attitude.

Recently, she lured Indian fashionistas with her graceful ramp walk at Pakistan Lifestyle Exhibition held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India.

AYYAN added more dazzle to the exhibition by modeling as the brand ambassador of Pakistan’s well known textile brand GUL AHMED. Continue reading…

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Modeling is on its full boom in Pakistan like a great art and brought a special charisma in it because of budding fashion industry.

The story of fashion modeling from here into the foreseeable future is about a wardrobe that has been pared down to such a degree that all that’s left is what works. Modeling is not an easy task; it required continuous hard work and confidence to face hardships that’s why it’s called a profession both fascinating and gritty.

In Pakistan fashion modeling has its increasing achievement and grown in its all spheres due to emerging fashion consciousness among people. At the present, people love to be acquainted with Pakistani models that cover the major magazine covers and their spectacular faces sashay down the ramps in breathtaking outfits. Continue reading…

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The Fashion Industry of Pakistan is tremendously doing its best in the world of Style and Fashion. Pakistani Fashion industry is proudly producing talented people with sharp minds and smart figures in the field of Fashion Modeling.

Pakistani Fashion Models are gaining popularity with the every passing day; both at national and international level. In fact the trend of arranging Mega Fashion Shows is more spreading in middle-east, and in Asian countries, as compared to European Countries. As the sense of adopting latest & unique fashion is increasing among the people, similarly the trend of experimenting new Fashion designs (especially by different designers) is also gaining popularity. We see the latest new designs every day in some magazine, on the cover page of sum fashion publications, through T.V, Fashion shows etc. Especially on the ramps or Fashion shows, we explore the latest fashion variety; and the people who represents these fashion styles are the ‘Fashion Models’.

Pakistani Fashion models are certainly the representatives of our Fashion industry. The trend of becoming fashion model and the competition among the models is increasing with the every passing day. Especially from the last few years Pakistani Fashion industry has introduced many stylish and hard-working fashion models. Like Vaneeza, Aminah Haq, Iraj, Suneeta Marshall, Eman Ali, Nadia Hussain, Rubab, Neha, Fozia, Mehreen, Faiza Ansari, Tooba, Rachel, Rabya, Saba Qamar and many more. Vaneeza, Iraj, Eman Ali, Nadia and Aminah, Haq etc are the senior Fashion models and the most of them are new Faces in the world of Fashion modeling.

Almost all of them have to work hard in order to maintain their name and to be on the ramp & in fashion magazines. They also try their best to keep them selves fit and up-to-date. They have to be physically, mentally, psychologically smart; as they are idealized by many fashion lovers and followers. It does not matter too much that which family and educational background they belongs, as people wants to see glamour and beauty in the Fashion shows, Fashion magazines and on the ramps.

Due to the hard work of Pakistani Fashion models and designers, many National and International companies & designers prefers to arrange Fashion Shows in the renowned cities of Pakistan; like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

Our models are doing their best to establish the name of our country in the international Fashion industry, in a true sense.

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Well, who says once off the ramp, you are out of the picture! ZQ recently revealed in an interview that its rather more fun and exciting being at the audience’s place, watching and observing amazing beauties dressed in finest designer wear rather than being up there on the ramp. Perhaps, that is why ZQ took a break from modeling for a considerable time period and is back in action once again, as glamorous as ever!

Zainab Qayum aka ZQ had bid farewell to runway modeling quite a while ago, leaving her friends and colleagues and everyone is the fashion industry astonished and surprised. But, for ZQ, it was for the best.

ZQ had never left modelling but its the runway she has let go off. All this time, Zainab Qayum aka ZQ wasn’t sitting idle. She was having a wonderful times experiencing many different things. She has had herself equipped with teaching, journalism, a series of TV serials and commercials and so much more. Not just that, she also appeared as a host in place of Nadia Khan for her Breakfast shows, while she was away on a vacation for her delivery.

Not quite happy with the younger coming lot, ZQ feels that the newer coming models need to a good lesson of respecting their profession and most of all, their seniors in the field. There is a height of UN-professionalism going on in the industry, giving rise to a bad competition.

Well, lets just hope that ZQ’s comeback surprise is taken well by her competitors. After all, it’s stunningly talented Zainab Qayum we are talking about!

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Lahore born, Pakistani Fashion model Suneeta Marshall

Suneeta Marshall

Suneeta Marshall

seems to believe in hard work and her destiny. As her work in so many different fields at one time, proves this complement.

Suneeta was entered into the modeling world by her aunt, who was running a famous beauty salon in Lahore. This Pakistani Fashion star made her first appearance in a Garnier Fructis commercial. After doing those commercials, and some other commercials for hair products such as Pantene, Head and Shoulders and Kuene etc, Suneeta disappeared from the world of television commercials.

Suneeta Marshall made a comeback as the Gull Ahmed new girl. Suneeta made her place on every Gull Ahmed billboard and in every Gull Ahmed images in all the magazines. This was enough for people to notice that this new Pakistani Fashion model is becoming a ‘Celebrity’ in Pakistani Style Icon. After working for a long time with Gull Ahmed, Suneeta decided to enhance her skills with big fashion designers like Deepak Perwani, HSY, Bunto Kazmi and Nilofer Shahid.

In this way Suneeta started gaining fame while working with Bunto Kazmi, she was chosen by Bunto Kazmi to do modeling for her clothes in 2000 for a Milan fashion show. This was the first time Suneeta was acknowledged by international fame and recognition and that did marvel for her. But it was not the only fame she was earning, she actually have planned to add herself in the list of top Pakistani fashion celebrities, so, After a little international exposure, Suneeta submit her assortment directly to fashion designers such as Dior and Gucci.

Suneeta was courageous enough to assemble the strength and landed the work with Dior, she also started working for Gucci as well. Suneeta Marshal also undoed Dior’s show in Karachi and then in Dubai, London, Paris and Moscow.

After explored her guts in Fashion modeling, she entered into the world of Acting. She made her first attempt in Abaraul Haq’s music video Preeto (Pretty). After her first achievement Suneeta decided to star in the music video for the Shehzad Roy song “Jana”. Then she decided to prove herself on the grounds of Television and Film as well by doing a television movie called Tere Bina (without you). After that Suneeta got to play the pilot in the very interesting television drama Malika in which she plays a Fashion Model/Actress who gets ahead of her friend in show business.

Marshall has worked with numerous prominent Pakistani designers also she had contracts with immense companies such as LUX, Revlon, Jazz, Mobilink, and Sunsilk. After becoming ‘A True Fashion Celebrity’ in Pakistani Fashion Icon, Suneeta has also been offered to show her acting guts in Indian Bolly wood films but since most Indian Films are musicals, Suneeta curved them down.

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