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Just like the commendable joint venture of Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) and L’Oréal Paris, the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011, there is something freaky yet splendid. Other than the conventional red carpet, the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011 is going to have the exceptional “Black Carpet” for the first time in Pakistan’s fashion history.

Where red is the symbol of glam and style, the black depicts the elegance and passion. This is how the Black Carpet of PFDC L’ Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011 aims to endow the mesmerizing feel to all fashion designers, fashion models, makeup artists, stylists and to all fashionistas and celebutants to walk over. Photographers will have the opportunity to capture the dazzling steps of participants making PFDC L’ Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011 Black Carpet memorable for the many forth coming Pakistani fashion weeks.

The latest spring collection 2011 maintains the feeling of softness and nostalgia of charm since the themes of latest spring trend is following a sophisticated look with the digital prints, subtle silks and fine cottons that give a refines and luxurious look to the latest spring fashion collection. This spring is all about being passionate with colours that evoke the inner feelings of happiness and joy. Besides that the spring 2011 collection includes the explosions of prints with geometrical accents, Indian flowers, folk music kitsch, cartoon influences and the mis of creative patchwork of

The creativity of the latest spring collection 2011 has made the spring collection the more authentic for every woman with a variety of mixes of feminist trends including a pinch of biker styled coughs and designs.

Besides the exotic blend of colours and prints the embroideries and beautifully painted and laced outfits have also taken over the latest spring 2011 collection to beat the latest fashion collection of the year. Continue reading…

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Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends 2011It’s time for you to know latest Pakistani Fashion 2011…. Here you go..

Hurrah! The colorful and vibrant time of Pakistani fashion 2011 is here. Yes, it is summer time in Pakistan, a time for some shopping activities for the latest trends of Pakistani fashion 2011. Each season has its own flavor and charm. So is the case with summer season. This time, the summer season in the Pakistani fashion 2011 is going to be a very interesting one. This is because a lot of creativity and cutting edge fashion trends are going to be seen from the designers.

  • Shoe trends

Let’s begin from the bottom this time. A lot of variations in shoe trends are going to be witnessed in the Pakistani fashion 2011. For the summer season; strappy sandals, wedges and gladiators are very high in demand. Last year, they were a novelty to find in Pakistan but thanks to the Pakistani fashion 2011 trends that now these types of shoes are available almost everywhere.

  • Trendy sleeves

A lot of creativity is seen in Pakistani fashion 2011 with the designing of the sleeves of tops, shirts and kurtas for the summer season. Chiffon sleeves teamed up with cotton and lawn shirts look very trendy. Victorian, cigarette and puff designs of sleeves are very much a part of Pakistani fashion 2011. A little bit of flare in sleeves is also in fashion especially for those who want to hide their bulky arms. Continue reading…

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The much awaited Cricket World Cup season is here and people have literally betted their lives for the love and support of their favorite teams.

Currently, it has been witnessed that the world cup t-shirt craze is not just found amongst the die-hard fans of cricket but other people are also in search of grabbing the team shirts to be in fashion. The world cup t-shirt craze has become the hottest fashion at the moment especially in the countries who are taking part in the cricket World Cup 2011. Continue reading…

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As the spring/summer is approaching, everyone is looking forward to the latest trends in fashion industry; what styles of clothing and accessories are in and what are the colors of the season. The fashion designers have their clothing lines ready to hit the market. The fashion shows are also approaching in the coming weeks to make their mark.

Go for bold and bright colors to amaze the ones around. The vibrant color combination with floral patterns are the flavors of the season. Embroidered laces, strips and applique are now gradually moving out of fashion this summer. More and more extures are very much in for the season. The latest designs and patterns in 2011 will consist of both the lining and floral and a blend of the two. Mix and match these textures to give a classy look to your outfits. Continue reading…

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Every girl wants to look gorgeous and nose jewellery adds style to her persona. In Eastern countries, women love to wear diamond nose pins as a part of tradition and fashion.

Today, majority of women have become fashion conscious and are going for nose piercing. When women attire the beautiful fashionable earrings and nose jewellery, it make them look feminine and attractive towards their friends and family.

Nose rings are another form of nose jewellery that is quite popular in young girls and you can see lot of them wearing. Though they are popular here but their origin was in the Middle East.

In subcontinent the trend of wearing nose rings as nose jewellery came with the arrival of the Mughals. Nose rings, zircons and diamond nose pins are popularly known as Nath and are also known by other names such as Nathni, Koka and Laung. In some customs and traditions, it is necessary for a girl to get her nose pierced. Continue reading…

May there be wars or peace, one thing remains common globally and that is, fashion. Fashion is the prime ruler of the world. Just like everywhere else, the Pakistani fashion 2011 is all set to bring lots of surprises for the masses. There are many marvels which are to be expected from the Pakistani Fashion 2011.

The trends for 2010 were very different from what is being planned to showcased by the designers in Pakistani fashion 2011. The designers are now bringing back the 1970’s look and cutting down on the 1980’s look of flare shirts which takes a cloth of more than two suits at a time. Pakistani Fashion 2011 is all about nice and light tones, no embroidery that is over the top or very flamboyant. Elegance is the main theme for Pakistani Fashion 2011. Continue reading…

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2011 is a start to a new decade, ‘fashion’ one of our favorite and most used term is in full swing. We all want to know what Pakistani fashion trends 2011 are all about. Winters are coming to an end and we all are gearing up to refresh our wardrobes for spring and summer 2011.

Ladies white is the new black, if you think it will not look gorgeous on you then you are sadly mistaken. White is for everybody from fair to wheatish complexion. You will be amazed how white is so elegant and graceful, don’t forget to wear your pearls along to enhance it. White is easy to carry whether in the form of a Kurta that you can wear on your jeans or a long dress along with Churidar Pajama, which is our desi version of skinny jeans.

Churi Pajamas are the traditional fitted Pajamas being worn in India and Pakistan for a very long time. A point came when our new generation was completely alien to what this is and found skinny jeans very hip and in. This is the time when Churidar Pajamas came back in to fashion. They look exquisitely elegant with the kind of long Kameez’s that are in these days. I know what the next question is? Where do we get these since the tailors drive us insane? These days almost every boutique is making ready to wear Churidar Pajamas. Unbeatables and Funk Asia have one of the best ones. Continue reading…

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Pakistani fashion trends leaves behind all the trends because of the variety of creations in Pakistani fashion.

With the arrival of the spring the ladies need to bring out the brighter side of their personality. The latest trend in the women’s fashion is all the bright colours, since the summer will be taken over by neutral subtle colours, so during the spring be bold. Go for fuchsia pink, peacock blue and lime green. Don’t hesitate to wear bold and chunky accessories because that is the demand of the latest trend. Although the accessories are a part of Pakistani fashion culture especially with the traditional outfit. Ladies in Pakistan have a fair idea about the fashion trend as well as what will suit them. Continue reading…

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The beginning of the summer 2011 is just round the corner but you still haven’t decided on what to wear during it.

The cold and itchy weather of winter is going to be over and we are heading to the shiny and bright summer season, a season of bright and vivid color. It is a season in which you can play with bright and glamorous colors, hues and designs.

Before the beginning of summer season, number of fashion designers and style gurus come in the market with their latest lawn collection. They target and catch the attention of almost all age group of women by their captivating and pure womanly allure designs. Top class hotels and resorts are show cased with the latest 2011 lawn collection. The fashion and brand consciousness and craze of women are on hype during these latest 2011 lawn collection exhibitions. Continue reading…