L’Oréal Paris, the world’s leading beauty brand, launch in Pakistan bringing with them their tradition of celebrating beauty, cultivating technical expertise and defining glamour. Started by young French chemist Eugène Schueller one hundred years ago, L’Oréal Paris’ historical belief is deep-rooted in the now iconic motto: ‘Because You’re Worth It!’ This conviction will come to life with an interactive five day mall animation event in Karachi and later in Lahore where mall visitors will be invited to experience the L’Oréal Paris beauty lifestyle. Indeed, both events are stylishly set to introduce L’Oréal to Pakistan’s beauty, fashion and consumer industries respectively.

Speaking about the launch of L’Oréal Paris, Pakistan CEO Musharaf Hai has said “Beauty is about self esteem, confidence and optimism – our vision is to inspire Pakistani women and men with the world’s foremost Beauty brand, L’Oreal Paris”.

L’Oréal Paris will glamourise and transform the Park Towers Mall in Karachi and the Mall of Lahore where they are set to encourage patrons and visitors to experience all areas of beauty with their brand, including; personalised skin care attention from leading dermatologists and skin specialists engaging the L’Oréal Paris Dermo Expertise range; Autumn/Winter makeover’s by the celebrated stylists’ using the eponymous L’Oréal Paris cosmetics line; finding the perfect L’Oréal Paris hair colour with their unbeatable Excellence and Casting ranges with help from expert colour technicians. Lastly, hair styling tips and advice from L’Oréal Paris stylists using their Elvive and their Studio Line ranges.

Both open mall animations will be preceded by L’Oréal Paris’ exclusive industry debut a day before each city opens up to the public; Karachi will witness an exclusive style show by the iconic Nabila and fashion by designer Nida Azwer. An interactive talk by the illustrious skin specialist Peng Qureshi will also feature in the evenings’ activities.

This event will also reveal and introduce L’Oréal Pakistan’s spokespeople, a selection of ladies who complement the brands’ rich heritage of cultivating spokespeople from the world of arts, fashion and beauty.

In Lahore, L’Oréal Paris’ style show will be staged by the young and dynamic Toni and Guy creative director, Lahore, Shammal Qureshi including a fashion showcase by Maria B’s contemporary M Girl line.

L’Oréal Paris’ launch in Pakistan and mall animation events hotly follows their international acclaim for 100 years of sophistication and beauty. Indeed, speaking about L’Oréal, CEO Jean-Paul Agon has said, “we have to move towards what I call ‘accessible innovation’, targeting a very broad customer base.” He says to succeed further, L’Oréal must strive “to keep the spirit and values that have been at the heart of the company for these 100 years…Its about innovation, but its more about spirit – a passion for beauty, a quest for excellence in terms of science, innovation, quality and a real faith in research.”

L’Oréal Paris is now in Pakistan – Join us in celebrating 100 years of legendary beauty.

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Verve is pleased to announce the arrival of the next big food chain in Pakistan; Hardees. For those of you who are not familiar with the brand, Hardees is the 4th largest fast-food chain of the US and is operating in 14 countries around the world. Pakistan is the 14th country to play host to the brand. Hardees prides itself in having thick juicy patties of meat in burgers that are bigger than others and are far more succulent, tasteful and filling than the latter.

Verve is proud to announce the launch of Hardees’ flagship restaurant on MM Alam Road at a private event on end-October. The restaurant will be fully operational thereon-wards for public. Be sure to stop by at the restaurant and be the first to try out the juiciest burgers in town that will give all other brands a run for their money!

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We are Pakistanis and this is a fact no man and no land can change. No matter what color we are or how we speak or what we wear and where we live we will always be Pakistanis. But now the question is whether or not we are proud to be a part of Pakistan.

Are we proud to belong to a nation formed by sweat and blood of the freedom fighters? Thanks to those fearless strong headed Pakistanis today we breadth the air of independence and walk the road of evolution.

Pakistan is a land of many miracles and wonders and one should never over look the fact that we are the people of Allah and this land was a gift to us from Him. How we were successful to get Pakistan and how it is still standing with a straight back are things not less than miracles. Many decades have passed but Pakistan managed to stand its ground no matter who ruled it or who bought it! We Pakistanis have a lot to be thankful for and not much to complaint about but sadly Pakistanis do just the opposite.

What really makes a Pakistani? Generations before us and generations after us will probably never know for we have taken Pakistan, the gifted land for granted.

In my opinion on this 14th august we should not pass with some music and good fun but ponder on the question; who a true Pakistani is and try our level best to achieve that goal.

We belong to Pakistan and InshAllah we will prove to be Pakistanis, as well!

Pakistan is the land of many gifts and we as Pakistani should do justice to it.

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