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Aisha Alam’s New Winter Collection in StoresAisha Alam, a designer known for her minimalism and modern cuts is out with her new winter collection. The designer has made a name for herself in no time with sense of design and truly understanding the need of the modern women. The new collection is all about rich colors and stylish embellishment. Continue reading…

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Visit the main boulevards of your city. You will meet big billboards and hoardings displaying designer lawn’s latest collections showcased by the best fashion designers of today. Every second day, designer lawn exhibitions are scheduled, and the moment they start off their exhibition, they are out of stock before the official closure of the exhibition. Why is this so???

The reason behind is the designer lawn trend that has developed roots. There’s a big demand of signature designs. Designer lawn trend is seen to grow with a snow ball effect right after the first designer lawn launch by Al Karam, named Sana Safinaz in 1997. Al Karam is the proven trend setter brand in the realm of designer lawn market. Continue reading…

Short SocksWe often pay a great deal of attention towards the type of shoes we prefer and even go off the board while purchasing our shoes. The changing trends and styles in shoes are something that always appeals us and we always try to get our hands on the most stylish and trendiest shoes in the market.

However, one more thing that needs equal attention when it comes to your feet is the socks.  There are many different types of socks that are available at stores however; very few of us bother the trends related to socks. One of the latest trends of socks is the short socks. The short socks are in fashion from the past few years and they look very stylish. Continue reading…

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December is all about making memories and carrying the warm outfit that gives comfort while wearing and also looks good to the eye. Leopard print is a classic fashion trend for December and you can also go for other animal prints depending on every individual’s fashion trend preference.

If you are fond of wearing animal prints in December as a unique fashion trend be it in the form of accessories, dresses, footwear or anything else. Thus, animal prints never go out of fashion in December. The snakeskin has come into fashion trends too. Continue reading…

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Tattoo trend is one craze that has evolved over time, and where once it was only associated with hippies and rock stars, is now rapidly creating stirs among people of all life and are being adopted by anyone who would like to visually present a part of their personality previously unknown to all.

The fashion of tattoos in Pakistan has taken its time to evolve. People had slight hinges about this trend because of the religious implications that it insinuated but over time, people have recovered from this dogma and are rapidly accepting the tattoo trend in Pakistan. From the Overload diva, Meesha Shafi to the Lollywood glam-doll, Reema Khan; all the big stars of the industry are seen to be supporting temporary tattoos and that is what has made it such a rage among the common people as well.

Temporary tattoos look just like real tattoos and are extremely fun and frolic to experiment with. They are easily removable, and can be applied without any hassle too. What more, they are available in an array of designs and textures. Continue reading…

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Handbags are a must when you go out. Formal, informal or just a casual meeting; a handbag is a must accessory. The kind of bag you carry depicts your taste in style and personality. Bags fashion changes like the fashion trends of other accessories change. Latest Pakistani bags fashion for the Eid has an impression from the international fashion world. The styles and trends that are being followed all around the globe are now coming to Pakistan as well.

Large bags with short handles are gaining popularity in Pakistani bag trends. Different styles and colors in large totes are becoming more and more popular as being both stylish and convenient. You can carry them to an informal gathering or just for a casual outgoing. Continue reading…

Color Eid Trends 2011Formal wear selection needs a good deal of investment of time and money of course. But all this investment can go in vain if you are not updated with the ‘ins and outs’ of fashion! Balloon frocks, lose fitted long shirts, voluminous outfits, angrakhas, leggings are all in for the season. For Eid, choose a traditional outfit, get classy and look your best.  Apart from the kind of the outfit, colors play a major role. A good can turn out to be a bad one merely due to wrong color selection. Colors have meaning of their own. The colors you chose to wear on different occasions reflect the nature of those occasions and what they mean to you. Here’s an updated fashion guide on what colors should you go for while picking the ideal Eid dresses!

Continue reading…

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