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The Eid UL fitr is being celebrated on the 1st of the shawal. Eid is a gift of ALLAH to the ones who have fasted  the whole month. Eid is a day full of happiness and joy. Everyone celebrates it to the fullest. Many of us don’t even  know the meaning of Eid ul fitr: it actually means to break the fast. This Eid is celebrated after the end of Ramadan. This is the day to thank Allah for all the blessings  he has  given to us.

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Eid Celebrations

In Pakistan this festival is usually called as “Choti Eid” or “Meethi Eid” because lots of sweet desserts are to be made on this festival. It is celebrated for 3 days but its preparations get started before the month of Ramdan and continued throughout the month of Ramdan. As the days passes out the preparations of Eid goes on it peak even on the last day before Eid (which is called “Chand Raat” people rush into the malls for their remaining or final shopping. Continue reading…

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Fuchsia Motif Frock

Eid is one the festive occasion, Eid-ul-Fitr comes after the holy month of Ramadan. This eid is a gift of Allah, we must celebrate it with great zeal. Eid is one of the auspicious occasion where family and friends meet and spent time together. The celebrations last for three days. Continue reading…

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Festive Celebrations of Eid Day 2 We all know about the celebrations of Eid day. Getting up pretty early in the morning, grooming ourselves, heading out for Eid prayers and then enjoy the fun filled Eid with our family, friends and relatives, delicious foods and Eidi. Every little thing on Eid day is all about happiness. Continue reading…

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The Great Festivities of Chand Raat Chaand Raat, or the Eid’s eve is the day when all the Muslims get together in their towns and cities and celebrate the festivities of the great night. This celebration is in the honour of the ending of the holy month of Ramadan when the Muslims have kept fast throughout. On Chaand raat, Muslims shove themselves in the markets; women along with their children do shopping and try to get hold of fancy clothes. Continue reading…

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Style Tips for Eid-ul-Fitr 2012 If we really want to look stunning, certain special things should be kept in mind. Style tips regarding Eid-ul-Fitr are what we are looking for and here are some of them that will definitely help you out in looking perfect this Eid. Continue reading…

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Significance of Mehndi Designs in Pakistan Actually prepared from the leaves of plant called henna, Mehndi has become quite a tradition not only in Pakistan, but in many cultures of the world. The popularity of Mehndi designs is not a new thing in Pakistan. No festival and celebration is completed without the beautiful and decorative Mehndi designs. Whether it is engagement, Wedding, or Eid, Mehndi has become an exquisite part of the happy celebrations and festivities. Though, Mehndi has gained popularity not only in sub-continent, but also in western countries. However, the mehndi designs somehow differ as per the region they are used. Continue reading…

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