Winners of Lux Style Awards 2008

At last, the much awaited LSA awards was held at 29th Oct at Golf Club, DHA, Karachi. Shaan and Ali Azmat hosted the show along their fellow female anchors. I enjoyed the show a lot. If you missed the LSA 2008… here are the results just for you.


Cosmetic Gift Ideas for Her

Cosmetics and accessories may be a highly appreciated gift if you know the preferences of the person who you will give it to. I mean, who doesn’t love to get a pack of shiny lip gloss or skincare products from their favorite cosmetic brand?


Pakistani Bridal Jewelry Trends Changed

A new trend is settled. This is Kundan jewelry. These jewelry items look heavy but do not have heavy weights. The important thing about that is these sets are very beautiful designs.


Jewelry Trends

I have a bit of a “jewelry addiction”. I’m like a cat with a little bell around my neck – my friends can always tell exactly where I am at any given time due to excessive charms and bangles jingle jangling. Despite said addiction, I rarely buy into jewelry trends or invest in new styles, preferring my eclectic collection of hand-me downs, charms from my travels and vintage gems.



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