Things to do on our Independence Day

14 august freedom dayMark the date! I said Mark the date, Friday 14th August 2015; yes this is our independence day heading up a day to remember indeed. Pakistan will celebrate its 69th independence anniversary. In a child’s language you may call it Pakistan’s 69th birthday.

As cliché as it might sound but the truth is 69 years of foundation is not a too old age for a country .And yet the country aims to progress and prosper in a direction with zeal, not ever witnessed.

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If you flash back it to the past 69 years it had been not an easy land to have. Pakistan was earned. Pakistan was not just a piece of land lying around ready to be taken by any community. No that’s not Pakistan. It is a Land of struggle; it is a land of compassion, a land of love, a land of justice a land of wonders, a land of refuge, a land of utmost patriotism, a land gained in the name of Islam. It is a beautiful land which was EARNED! This is to be remembered this independence day.

The saddest truth with growing time is that the most beautiful land of all has suffered through the harshest phases. Blamed with terrorism, named as a notorious ‘3rd world country’. And yet possesses the ultimate super intelligent young talents. While there are those who work deliberately to kick the country’s name in the wrong direction and then there are those who break world records for its sake. On a picture painted there are those who have the audacity to speak against the country , portray a negative image on how backward the inhabitants of the land are; this is what exactly pushes the world community against our beloved Pakistan.

But then there are people who win ‘Oscar’ for that land, and while receiving the Oscar they promote their heritage with the attire they carry along while carrying that Oscar. And here we heard, a bomb blasted, it is not a safe country; and yet there are cricketers from other lands visit this heaven and say we found nothing wrong with Pakistan. Then there are people who brought in nuclear intervention to scare the evil eyeing countries off. And while it is assumed that Pakistani women have a no say standard, Pakistani women have ideologies shoved down their throat by the society, Yet there are women as courageous that beat women across the globe, from beauty to brains. There are women in services, women who have established bigger NGO foundations, great writers, also men who stood up for the needy and homeless.

A land full of famous engineers, doctors, a land full of culture, a land full of art. Legends of art/music associated with the country and oh! Who can forget the FORCES, one of the best Armies in the world!! Yet a land to be bad mouthed? Sometimes by its own embodies? Shame it is!

For a beautiful land like that lets talk on things we can rejuvenate this independence eve with not only ourselves but the bright futures of tomorrow. Yes This independence day let’s make our vows strong and clear to pay back on the blood, life and love our ancestors shed for the sake of our future as we had been their bright futures. This legacy should be continued until the crest of dignity/ destiny is achieved.

This Independence Day make sure you hit on the these little things which will make this Independence Day a little more special to you and the rest community first things first. Hang on Pakistan’s flag on your house. Yes, that has happened every independence day since years. The markets flood with the Independence Day products as the Independence Day approaches. But still, follow the ritual. Show some patriotism, show your love.

Read/ tell your children about Pakistan’s history. Tell them about the entire struggle, the resolutions, the name decision, and the dream of Iqbal. Tell them all about their homeland they need to know.

jashn-e-azadi mubarak

Go watch the 14th august parades. Go grab the opportunity on the Independence Day to watch the activities organized by the Pakistani Forces (Army/Air force/Navy).

Watch the television shows/ short movies that are made about Pakistan’s evolution/history by the film / television media.

Wear ‘Green’. Now days every Pakistani brand tends to show their part/play for the love of their country by making limited apparel range to its ambit. Go buy it after all it’s for your own happiness. Celebrate the one day that reminds you of your existence as a nation. Learn to love your country and embrace. This is the best you can put up as an individual.

Now let’s counter the fun part. I have some ideas here for you to practice and turn this Independence Day a happy day for all and this place a happy place for all.

Make food / buy food and distribute it to the underprivileged. Make a silent vow with yourself about you helping at least one Pakistani unprivileged child in context to education. 

Visit the SOS children and Children at other organizations and help them in any forms you can.
Take your children to visit the important places / heritages of Pakistan to make them learn the mystic beauty insights of the land.

Be determined to get education and dedicate your service to the homeland that bred you so good. Make strong wills on serving your homeland. This will make it a better independence day. Thank your Lord, for providing this country to you where you can make decisions of your choices if not to your fullest but to some extent. Unlike that era when people suffered to hear their own voice. Be thankful in every regard. Make your Homeland a better place to live. Promise yourself with that because only you and you can do this. Make sure you put in all these efforts starting this Independence Day and counting. Till then,

Happy Celebration! Happy Independence Day!

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